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It is possible to change the print out of your day-to-day reality and live a meaningful and deeply fulfilling life.  I know, because I’ve done so.

Hello, I’m Kylie Attwell.  I’ve overcome a life-long battle with anxiety and depression by successfully navigating the terrain of the self-transformation process. The outcome? Each day my life is becoming richer, more colourful and joyous. That is my wish for you!

I know each stage of the journey intimately, particularly what actions and modalities lead to real and lasting change. Using my experience, knowledge, skills and expertise I can help you build a life you love.

I will guide you through the change process step-by-step and direct you to the tools that will allow you to discover your life’s purpose, unlock your innate gifts and talents and conquer any obstacles that are holding you back from expressing yourself fully in the world.

Here’s what’s involved and how I can help you:

The first and most crucial step is to discover who are at your very core and what is most meaningful to you. I’ll show you what questions to ask yourself and where to look in order to uncover the themes of your life purpose.

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One-On-One Support

The journey of self-discovery and the process of change can often be difficult and isolating, but you don’t have to go it alone.

It’s essential to have someone who you trust and can turn to when the going gets tough. A ‘guide’ who understands the journey you are on. Someone who will give you clarity and personalised advice.

Recommended Resources

With so much information out there it can be difficult knowing where to start when seeking to change your life circumstances.

Access a condensed library of information that will teach you how to discover your life’s purpose, unlock your unique gifts and talents, expand your consciousness, shift your self-limiting beliefs and release your trapped emotions.

Find Your Purpose

Tired of being told to ‘find your purpose’ without being shown how? Finally, there is a workbook that actually works.

Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life: A guide for uncovering your life’s calling to create a joyous, fulfilling and meaningful life is a unique curriculum that walks you through five activities to help you identify and embrace your life’s calling.

Take Back Control

Are you consistently feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious because you are constantly bombarded with e-mails text messages and phone calls?

Discover 6 simple and highly effective daily practices that will help you create inner calm and allow you to take back control of your life.


Releasing emotional baggage and reprogramming the subconscious mind is the key to creating real and lasting change in your life.

Discover effective tools for communicating your desires directly to the subconscious mind and simple processes for quickly and painlessly releasing trapped emotions.

Law of Attraction Tool

Looking for the perfect vision board app to help you manifest your deepest desires?

Mind Movies on-line software is a powerful and practical tool which allows you to create a movie of the life you wish to live.  Watching it everyday for three minutes is enough to reprogram your subconscious and manifest your vision.

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