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Salvatore Battaglia Aromatherapy and Chakras Workshop - Guest Presenter Kylie Attwell

One of the joys of living my purpose is coming across others who are living theirs. Salvatore Battaglia, founder of the iconic Australian brand Perfect Potion is one such individual. Perfect Potion creates organic skincare and aromatherapy products, distributed nationally and internationally. And their Headquarters just happens to be in Brisbane. You can imagine my delight when Sal invited me to... Read More >


Passion Does Not Equal Purpose - Kylie Attwell, Founder of A Guide for Life

In Chapter 1 of My Story I state that passion does not equal life purpose.  I had to learn this the hard way.  I spent six years chasing one of my passions and it cost me dearly - both emotionally and financially.  I now feel compelled to share the key differences with others so they don’t make the same mistakes... Read More >


Village News Book Review of Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life

If you're local to Brisbane's CBD and the New Farm, Teneriffe and Newstead areas, pick up a copy of the June 2020 My Village News.  On page 14 you will see the first press piece for Workbook #1. Hooray! Thanks to the wrap by the My Village News team, Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life is now available at Mary Ryan's Merthyr Village... Read More >


Subscribe, Get Inspired - Kylie Attwell, Founder of A Guide for Life

I’m a big fan of using audio and video content for creating a positive mindset and staying there. I delve into this in the post Take Back Control, but one of my favourite go-tos is Gaia. If you are not familiar with Gaia, they are the largest transformational online library in the world.  Their vision, which is very much in... Read More >


Kylie Attwell Author of Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life - Virtual Launch - Hosted by Avid Reader

Thank you to all who attended my first public presentation of A Guide for Life content, especially to those in The Americas who got up at silly o’clock.  For those who missed my virtual workbook launch you can now watch the replay. We covered the following topics: inspiration behind wiring the workbook key differences between purpose and passion the five actives and... Read More >


Save The Date - Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life Book Launch - Avid Reader

Join Joelle Compton in-conversation with Kylie Attwell, via Zoom, to launch the workbook Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life. If you’ve been struggling to identify your life purpose, find meaning and direction in your life or gain traction in your career, you’ll love this discussion. Hosted in cyberspace by Avid Reader, one of Brisbane's most iconic independent book retailers, from 6.30pm -... Read More >


Hot Off The Press - Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life Workbook by Kylie Attwell, Founder of A Guide for Life - Close Crop

I’m currently in California at my USA head quarters, and have just taken delivery of my first shipment of Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life: A guide for uncovering your life’s calling to create a joyous, fulfilling and meaningful life.  Whoot, whoot!  I’m an author. Technically I've been an author for a few months now, as the e-version was released in December... Read More >


What's Your 2020 Vision? - Kylie Attwell founder of A Guide for Life

While I’ve been waiting for the print version of Find You Purpose, Change Your Life to be published, I’ve been writing and editing the second workbook in the Build A Life You Love series. It focuses on building a vision for your life and covers the following topics: why it’s important to create an inspiring vision for your life that reflects... Read More >

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