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Take Command of Your Thoughts by Kylie Attwell, Founder of A Guide for Life

Taking command of your thoughts is the next step when it comes to mastering inner work. I’ve found this approach to be powerful antidote for a mind that is in the habit of spiralling into negative self-talk. Much more so than methods tailored to quieten the mind. As mentioned in my previous post, meditation only amplified the chaos occurring between my... Read More >


If your mind is still very active even after trying the above listed methods don’t give up. Your mind will naturally become less busy when you learn to master your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. Mastering your thoughts doesn’t just involve quietening your mind. The next stage is learning to harness it in positive and productive ways. In my next post, I will prescribe various practices and modalities to help you unleash your imagination and bridge the gap between your current reality and the life of your dreams.

A mind without relentless mental chatter is a relatively new experience for me. The silence and spaciousness I now enjoy is a welcome relief. I could never go back to the level of busyness and noise that was ‘normal’ for me. So how did I do it? How did I overcome a mind that foresaw every possible worst-case scenario, regardless of... Read More >


What is Inner Work by Kylie Attwell, Founder of A Guide for Life

How many times have you heard ‘inner work’ bantered around by personal development and spiritual teachers? It’s touted to be the holy grail when it comes to overcoming trauma, achieving your goals and reaching your full potential. The frustrating part is that ‘a clear definition’ and ‘how to apply it’ is rarely discussed in detail. I spent almost two decades exploring the teachings... Read More >


Take Effective Action by Kylie Attwell, founder of A Guide for Life

Clearly, manifesting your ultimate life is not all about mental rehearsal. It is going to require action, and a specific type of action. It’s about making sure your subconscious programming aligns with what you consciously wish to create, rather than forcing things to happen. As mentioned earlier, it is your subconscious mind that does your bidding. Your job is to take... Read More >


Creating a new narrative that you mentally and physically rehearse is effective for changing the printout of your life. However, there are now processes available that facilitate communication with the subconscious mind to fast-forward the reprogramming process. Well-known examples include Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Kinesiology, Theta Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In Activity 7, you will be introduced to PSYCH-K®, a... Read More >


We constantly live in a state of emotional flux because every thought and experience, whether negative or positive, produces a corresponding emotion. Therefore, if we are weighed down by emotional baggage from past traumas it’s no wonder we recycle situations that reinforce our fears, shame, anger, worry, concern, hatred, guilt, despair and depression. On the other hand, we’ve all experienced... Read More >


Everything starts with intention. Every human creation or invention is preceded by an idea, a mental picture or a fully formed vision. In other words, you need a clear mental image of what you want to create for it to take form. Elite athletes, high achievers, visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and even celebrities have been consciously creating their future for decades. Olympic... Read More >


I’m truly humbled to be featured on the 5 Minutes for Me mobile app. You’ll find my PASSION vs PURPOSE insights under the “Mindset” category. And be on the look out for my emotional trauma learnings and effective methods for releasing emotional baggage, regardless of how long you’ve been carrying it around. Not familiar with the app? It delivers mood enhancing goodness to... Read More >


Digital Version WB#2 - Website Landing Page

Now available in digital format! IMAGINEERing YOUR ULTIMATE FUTURE is my favourite of the self-empowerment process because it's mostly all about dreaming and dreaming big! You get to say what goes. There’s no more living in 50 shades of beige – I’ve got nothing against the colour, sometimes it’s rather calming, but it doesn’t 'spark joy' as Marie Kondo would say. By... Read More >


Confidence Connection Show - Episode 29 - Brontë Hamilton and Kylie Attwell

I recently sat down with Brontë Hamilton, a confidence connection coach and the host of the Confidence Connection Show, to discuss what confidence means to me and how I help other's build self-love and overcome their survival programming. Despite the laughter throughout, our conversation was real and raw. I opened up about my foibles and insecurities that stemmed from childhood experiences... Read More >


Here is a sneak peak of the article featuring A Guide for Life in the February issue of the Corporate Escapists Magazine, a publication filled with inspirational stories and advice to help you take back control of your journey, follow your passions and start living your best life. Not so long ago I felt adrift and disenchanted by life, despite my perceived... Read More >


4-Steps Manifestation Process by Kylie Attwell, Founder of A Guide for Life

If you’ve been ‘trying’ to land your dream job, achieve financial freedom, meet and marry the love of your life, become a parent or sustain your ideal body weight and it still hasn’t happened, please don’t lose faith or give up. It’s more than likely you have unknowingly omitted a crucial step or you’re ‘trying’ too hard, pushing your goal... Read More >

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