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If you’ve been ‘trying’ to land your dream job, achieve financial freedom, meet and marry the love of your life, become a parent or sustain your ideal body weight and it still hasn’t happened, please don’t lose faith or give up. It’s more than likely you have unknowingly omitted a crucial step or you’re ‘trying’ too hard, pushing your goal further away. If you want to guarantee your success, my 4-Step Manifestation Process is the missing link!

When you know you’ve got all the steps covered, you can then relax and let the Universe do its thing. I’ve found that my ‘pinch myself’ manifestation accomplishments occur when I least expect it and happen in the most miraculous way.

So, what’s my secret formula for fulfilling your heart’s deepest desires?:

  1. Determining what you want
  2. Grounding your intention
  3. Eliminating subconscious resistance
  4. Detaching from the outcome

In the video below, I discussed each of the topics in turn, so you can finally turn your dreams into reality:

If you have any questions about my 4-Step Manifestation Process or I can be of further assistance on your journey, e-mail me: kylie@aguideforlife.com

You can also learn more about eliminating subconscious resistance and detaching from the outcome, buy reading Chapter’s 5 and 7 of My Story.

From my heart to yours,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell

Brisbane, Australia


Soundtrack: Purpose (Singer-songwriter @amorita.x @makingsoundmatter)

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