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I’m truly humbled to be featured on the 5 Minutes for Me mobile app.

You’ll find my PASSION vs PURPOSE insights under the “Mindset” category. And be on the look out for my emotional trauma learnings and effective methods for releasing emotional baggage, regardless of how long you’ve been carrying it around.

Not familiar with the app? It delivers mood enhancing goodness to your phone, each weekday.

Especially designed for those who are time poor (and aren’t well all!), 5 Minutes for Me showcases inspiring quotes, 5 minute audios and express meditations by knowledge specialists and celebrities.

The way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. So I encourage you to download the app, and dedicate just 5 minutes upon waking to centre and motivate yourself.

This simple practice will lift your spirits instantly, and improve your overall wellness, mindset, productivity and resilience with consistency.


PASSION vs PURPOSE – 24 May 2022


Living life with the handbrake on? – 24 June 2022

Healing Emotional Trauma – 21 July 2022


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