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We are transitioning, not only between seasons, but December 2020 also marks the time when each of us has the opportunity to move into a higher level of consciousness. This is exciting, because when we make heart-centred and purpose driven choices we become changes agents. We become beacons of light for others.

Each of us is born with a unique purpose that is essential for the wellbeing of others and the greater good of the planet.  It’s this contribution to humanity that makes you luminous.  Not only do you add a little sparkle to someone else’s day by providing solutions to their problems and adding real value to their life, it’s the act of serving others that gives your life fulfilment and meaning, causing you to glow from the inside out.

My workbook, Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life, is a unique curriculum* that walks you through 5 activities designed to accurately identify your life’s calling. You’ll learn the difference between purpose and passion and the consequences of mistaking a passion for your purpose.

The workbook contains 25 thought provoking questions designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions, help bring you closer to your best self and allow you to find the answers within. It also recommends consulting a career direction specialist who’s job it is to help people understand their soul’s purpose.  It’s this combination of the two approaches that allows you really own your purpose and gives you the confidence to go out and live it.

If you are ready to shine your light, I suggest you invest in a copy and do a little self-exploration over the festive season.

Please do let me know if you have any questions about the workbook content or if I can be of further assistance on your illuminating journey.

Wishing you a magical Christmas and blessed New Year.

With love,

Kylie Xoxo


Kylie Attwell

Brisbane, Australia


*Similar to most curriculums that require you to invest in textbooks or excursions relating to the course work, you will need to purchase a couple of valuable resources to complete all the activities in Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life.


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