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Why is it important to create a new life narrative?

Most people live their life by default not by design. The reason? From the time we are conceived we begin to create a story about life, based on our personal experiences and the learned behaviours passed down from our forebears and caregivers.

This story that we create, particularly in our formative years, influences what we believe to be true – about ourselves and what’s possible. These beliefs shape the decisions and choices we make, and our day-to-day experiences become a by-product of how we have learnt to think, feel and behave.

To an infant, life operates as a feedback system. Children observe and learn from their environment and quickly adapt their behaviour to get attention and praise. They also modify or hide behaviours associated with painful experiences. Basically, they learn to behave in a way that ensures their survival.

Regardless of our upbringing and the best intentions from our caregivers, we all receive functional and dysfunctional ‘programming’. Consequently, we thrive in certain areas of life while other aspects are a constant struggle. Emotionally and physically traumatic events that are far too painful for the developing brain to process cause a child to become developmentally stunted at the age the incident occurred.

In other words, your child-self writes the narrative of your life, and unless these ‘instructions’ are ‘rewritten’ the child continues to run the show, regardless of your age. So how do you overcome early childhood programming to build a narrative more suited to your dreams and deepest desires? It requires precise and dedicated processes, combined with intention and persistence – what I refer to as Inner Work.

An effective method for editing unwanted or dysfunction programs involves consciously creating a new life story. My workbook, Imagineer Your Ultimate Future, walks you through a powerful yet easy-to-follow process for designing, building and rehearsing an inspiring and emotionally charged life narrative. By the time you are done, your new narrative will feel more authentic, and achievable, then the life you are currently living. So much so, you’ll be eager to implement the daily practices required to make it physically real.

In my next post, I’ll share several methods that help to fast-forward the reprogramming process.

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