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I now had a sense of how much happier I would be if I aligned my life with my highest values. However, instead of rushing out and trying to create the life I had envisioned, I learnt to take a new approach. I started by making subtle but powerful changes to my current life.

I began by assessing my life to see what did and didn’t reflect my highest values. I consciously observed how I felt about my environment and the things in it. The people I interacted with, activities I participated in and events I attended.

Then, I began to eliminate the things from my life that I didn’t enjoy. I minimised time spent with people who didn’t make me feel good about myself. I felt more upbeat. I felt a sense of liberation, so I continued.

By doing so, I’d now created a ‘space’ for the things that did reflect me, as well as emotions that I had been suppressing. Old, familiar and painful feelings began to surface. Emotions that I’d battled with my entire life. Emotions which included fear, anxiety, sadness and grief.

My life had been built out of a need for safety. I’d developed ways of behaving to please others and protect me from situations and people that had hurt me in the past.

Now that I was leaving these protective habits behind, these emotions were raising their head. Rather than burying them, as I had in the past, I embraced the idea that my emotions needed to be acknowledged and felt, in order for them to be processed and released.

This wasn’t an easy task as there was immense pain behind these fears. I trialled various emotional release tools and techniques.  However, the method I found the most effective was that of Dr. Deepak Chopra as described in his on-line program, SynchroDestiny.

By working with these emotions, rather than avoiding them, I experienced immense and immediate relief. Despite feeling raw and vulnerable when the emotion had been processed, a sense of calm washed over me. Practicing self-kindness acted like a soothing balm.  Healing occurred. The feelings abated.

I now greet my emotions with open arms knowing that my work with them will bear me the gift of an even deeper sense of freedom.

Next, I’ll show you how I learnt to identify and fill my life with that which brings me joy.

With love,

Kylie xo


Kylie Attwell
Brisbane, Australia


Photo by Hailey Bartholomew

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