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As promised, I going to share my transformation story with you.  I’ll spare you from many of the years of gloom and doom, however I will share snippets where appropriate so you can see what aspects of life I was struggling with and the end result after I applied a particular tool or incorporated a specific practise into my life.

My story begins at a pivotal moment, just after I hit a crisis point in my life.  My prospects of work had dried up.  I had lost the ‘love’ of my life.  My house looked like a renovator’s nightmare.  The scariest part of it all, my health had started to deteriorate.

So, let’s begin…

In 1999 I made a determined effort to find what was ‘missing’ in my life.  For over a decade I fumbled around in the dark.  I didn’t know what I was looking for.  The more I searched, the more unhappy I became.

Then finally, I found a body of work by Dr. John Demartini – an authority on human behaviour – which was the turning point.

I discovered Demartini when I was attending a personal development event where he was the keynote speaker.

By listening to several more of his lectures and reading a couple of his books, Demartini taught me that your ‘values’ are the things that inspire, energise and excite you.  That your ‘highest values’ reflect who you really are at your core. But most importantly, I learnt that the key to living an inspired and fulfilling life was through living a life centred around your highest values.

According to Demartini, my dissatisfaction with life and my depression was due to living a life which was completely out of alignment with my highest values.  The key to turning my life around, he advised, was through understanding my highest values and using those values to achieve meaningful goals.

Inspired, I worked through Demartini’s method for determining your highest values step-by-step*.  This only took a couple of hours and by answering the thirteen questions that make up this exercise, I learnt something critical about myself.

It confirmed that financial security was important to me.  That I was passionate about beautiful, elegant, intelligent design and expressing creativity through the use of my hands.  Passion, however, does not equal life purpose.  What was consistent across every single one of my answers was the need to find life’s spiritual meaning and to help others live their fullest potential.

Completing this exercise revealed that these are my highest value.  This is my main driving force and my reason for living.  What a sense of relief.  It was liberating to know that what I needed (what I was craving) was to create a life that embodied these values and to live a life centred around them.

In the next part of my journey, I’ll share how I learnt how to create a vision of what my life would look and feel like if I were to live according to my highest values.

With love,

Kylie xo


Kylie Attwell
Brisbane, Australia


Photo by Marvin Fox

*If you’d like to discover your highest values you can download the Demartini Value Determination Process from Dr. John Demartini’s website.

You will also find the Demartini Value Determination Process on page 47 of his book titled, The Values Factor: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling LifeThe Values Factor is Dr. Demartini’s most comprehensive work to date about his concept of values.  He gives examples of how historical geniuses lived in accordance with their values in order to achieve their highest calling and offers methods on how to integrate these notions into your life.


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