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Emotional self-management

We constantly live in a state of emotional flux because every thought and experience, whether negative or positive, produces a corresponding emotion. Therefore, if we are weighed down by emotional baggage from past traumas it’s no wonder we recycle situations that reinforce our fears, shame, anger, worry, concern, hatred, guilt, despair and depression. On the other hand, we’ve all experienced days when we wake up in a fantastic mood and everything just falls into place. In essence, your day-to-day emotional state of being (and those around you) influences your experience of life.

So, how do you elevate your emotional baseline – the quality and intensity of feelings – to create an inner state that matches what you truly desire? I recommend four ways of practising emotional self-management.

Two of these methods are covered in future workbooks. Processing and releasing emotional trauma is needed to permanently raise your baseline (Workbook #3). Making physical changes to your life that match your vision creates an ongoing, elevated state of being (Workbook #4).

In Activity 5, I provide instructions for creating and sustaining heart-brain coherence, which instantly quietens the mind, calms the nervous system, facilitates a sense of well-being and elevates your mood. (Refer to Tools for a Bumper Crop – Heart-brain coherence.)

Finally, developing an inspiring and emotionally charged vision for your future, the focus of this workbook, instantly elevates your mood by giving you something positive, yet tangible, to focus on. It instils hope.

Every time you shift your awareness away from your external environment and enter the world of your vision, you activate the emotions that match your desired future. The greater the intensity of the emotion experienced, and the longer and more frequently it is sustained, the more it builds familiarity and belief.

It’s the emotional acceptance of your vision on an inner level that creates it in the outer world. This occurs because your subconscious mind automatically attracts the necessary circumstances, conditions and people to manifest the end result based on what it believes to be true.

The content above is an extract from my second workbook, Imagineer Your Ultimate Future.

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