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By practising Dr. John Demartini’s method for determining your highest values I realised that it was critical for me to pursue a life which involved searching for life’s spiritual meaning and helping others live their fullest potential. I was excited and intrigued about what my life could look like.

During my search to find what was missing in my life, I’d explored a vast range of fields. No stone was left unturned: psychology and personal development; meditation and yoga; natural and energy medicine; metaphysics, quantum physics, and modalities that would be considered by some occult! These practices fascinated and resonated a ‘truth’ deep within me. However, they were not my calling. I had made the common (but devastating) mistake in the past of confusing a passion with a calling, and it cost me dearly. But that’s a story for another time.

I’d had various ‘dreams’ and wishes. Since my early childhood I’d fantasised about living on a rural property. At the time I pictured it to be a farm. Years later, when I began exploring my creativity, it evolved into a B&B that ran artists’ retreats.

I knew that I loved talking to people about their desires and aspirations. To me their ‘genius’ was obvious, but I could never understand why they weren’t making the most of their natural gifts and talents. I felt drawn to helping fulfil their dreams. Perhaps I could build a spiritual retreat?

My dream of a retreat was somewhat sketchy in detail. I had no experience in building or managing such a facility. I had no idea how to unlock someone’s potential. Was this something I could base a new life upon? This was not exactly a conventional ‘career path’ with an established course of studies attached. I didn’t know where to begin.

It was Derek Rydall, a spiritual teacher based in the USA, who provided me with the information needed to develop a practical plan for my life. His work gave me the tools to integrate this dream into my day-to-day existence.

I’d enrolled and diligently worked through Rydall’s four-week s Total Life Emergence program which came in the form of a tele-seminar. Part of this program involved creating a vision for my life based on the things that inspired me. Or in Rydall’s own words “what really juices you”.

I articulated this vision on paper, in meticulous detail. Honing it until it began to ‘breathe’. It felt more real to me than my current reality. Excited and inspired, I now had a vision that ‘felt’ tangible and expressed who I truly was.

Following Rydall’s instructions, I refined my vision until I could articulate it in a few paragraphs (known as a vision statement). I read my vision statement and mentally rehearsed it in my mind upon waking and again periodically throughout the day to evoke the feelings of living my vision.

My life finally had direction.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll share the processes I went through and methodologies I used to begin building a life that reflected my vision.

With love,

Kylie xo


Kylie Attwell
Brisbane, Australia


Photo by Marvin Fox

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