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I’m home again.  The last three weeks have been a whirlwind.  So much has happened that I feel as though I’ve been away for six months.

Everything looks very different yet vaguely familiar.  It’s as if I’ve seen my home, neighbourhood and city in a movie and now I’m experiencing the reality of it for the first time.  I’m guessing some very deep inner changes have taken place as a result of my journey to the USA.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next few days-weeks-months.

Over time I’ll reveal more about what transpired on my journey but first let me share one of the many highlights.

I had the opportunity to spend four days with two of my favourite teachers – Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton – at their workshop, From Chaos to Coherence, which I recently attended in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.

Gregg Braden has become a dear and close personal friend of mine.  Over the past five years, together we have trekked ancient ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula, Peru and Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.  I’ve also attended several of his live events, read and listened to his books and watched numerous lectures available on YouTube.

Two years ago had the opportunity to meet Dr. Bruce Lipton in person when attending a workshop he was presenting in Phoenix, Arizona.  I’ve also read his books and watched his YouTube lectures.

Both of these men have changed my life irrevocably.  As a direct result of their work, my life now has direction, meaning and unfolds with grace and ease.  It’s a joy to be alive.

Both Gregg and Bruce helped me understand that my subconscious programming determined how I experienced life.  They provided me with tools to begin to shift my subconscious beliefs and the way I perceived life so that I could experience a new reality.

Dr. Bruce Lipton explained the fundamental ways in which the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed and introduced me to the belief change process that he personally uses and recommends, called PSYCH-K.

Gregg Braden introduced me to an App developed by the HeartMath Institute and guided me through an inner process which allowed me to begin to disengage from the events unfolding in my environment and the stories playing out in my head.

Gregg and Bruce’s tools re-calibrated the way I operated in the world.  They allowed me to cut through life’s static, my doubts and negative self-talk so I could make decisions that were best for my wellbeing.  They also helped me to create, strengthen and reinforce patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking so I could express myself fully.

As a result, I have begun to feel consistently good about myself.  People now treat me with respect.

Both Gregg and Bruce’s work underpin the positive changes that have occurred and the way I now experience life.  Instead of chaos I now live life with coherence.  How apropos.

With love,

Kylie xo


Kylie Attwell
Brisbane, Australia


Photo by Elan Cohen

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