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Elizabeth Diacos and I share the same purpose; that is, to help people live a life they LOVE. 

Formally an art teacher, Elizabeth is now a Career Transition Coach for Educators and the founder of the Get out of Teaching Podcast. According to my definition, she is the epitome of a woman embodying her purpose.

Recently, Elizabeth and I sat down over a cuppa to discuss the topics PURPOSE and PASSION. Below is an exert from our conversation:

“…your passions are the things that bring you joy in that moment, and they’re very emotionally driven… we do them because they give us pleasure, but because they’re emotionally driven, your emotions wane quite, quite easily and quickly. They’re never actually going to fulfil you.

Your purpose, on the other hand, is your contribution to humanity. And it’s only through living your purpose that you experience true fulfilment and meaning in your life.

I define purpose as a combination of the innate gifts, abilities and talents you’re born with, the skills that you acquire along the way, and the experiences you have, particularly the challenges, that allow you to serve others in the way that only you can.”

If you’d like to listen to the full Get out of Teaching episode you can do so here.


From my heart to yours,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell

Brisbane, Australia

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