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Were the changes I’d experienced real or had I just imagined them?

I’d been interested in having my energy field imaged since attending Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Australian Advanced Workshop in 2015.  One of the highlights of attending this event was that I was given the opportunity to partake in the scientific testing that Dr. Joe was conducting to determine the effects of meditation.

The studies included:

  • Brain mapping using electroencephalogram (EEG) technology
  • Measurement of heart-brain coherence using heart rate variability (HRV) recording devices
  • Electro-photonic imaging of the human energy field using gas discharge visualisation (GDV) camera
  • Measurement of the energy changes in the room during the workshop using environment sensor technology

I was selected for brain mapping and heart-brain coherence measurements, and opted to have my results interpreted by the consulting specialists engaged to perform scientific testing.

This proved invaluable as it allowed me to understand more about the way my brain and mind worked, helped me identify what it felt like when I’d achieved a state of heart-brain coherence, and to pinpoint the most effective elements of my practise and where I could make improvements.  (If you’d like to learn more about these studies and my results refer to the sections on Brain Mapping and Inner Balance.)

Participating in Dr. Joe’s scientific testing fuelled my desire to know more.  I was now curious to see what my energy field looked like and to ascertain the state of my psycho-emotional and physiological health.  Three years on, I finally had the opportunity to find out through the use of electro-photonic imaging (EPI).

My EPI results provided me with an assessment of my psycho-emotional state and the functional and energetic condition of my body’s systems and organs, brief details of which are depicted in the graphs and images provided below.

My results

Energy Analysis for Kylie Attwell


Psycho-emotional Energy Field of Kylie Attwell


Chakra Alignment of Kylie Attwell

Overlay of Ideal Chakra Alignment










In short, my energy field was of an optimum size and uniform (there we no brakes, holes or large spikes in my energetic field), my results were in the optimal range and revealed that at the time of imaging I was in a very calm state.  The symmetry between the left and right hemispheres of my brain was at 94%, indicating that I can cope with stress and problems by myself.  My charkas were mostly ideal in size and 94% aligned.

How I compare to others

In comparison, below are a couple of examples of images which demonstrate varying states of stress on the human energy field and chakras, captured using electro-photonic imaging.


Stress Influences on Energy Field and Chakra Alignment









Here on this site I discuss the tools, techniques and processes that I found to be the most effective in helping alleviate my fears so that I could live in alignment with the person I am at a core level.  Having suffered from severe anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember, my new found sense of inner peace, contentment and freedom can be directly attributed to the application of these resources and reflected in my electro-photonic imaging, brain map and heart-brain co-herence results.

In the coming days-weeks-months I’ll reveal the practices that I use to realign my energy field (particularly when I’m plagued by negative self-talk, experiencing doubt and feeling anxious) and demonstrate how effective these practices are using photo-electron imaging.

In the meantime, if you would like to know more about how electro-photonic imaging is performed and where you can find an electro-photonic practitioner near you feel free to send me an e-mail – kylie@aguideforlife.com

With love,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell
Brisbane, Australia



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