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During my 20 year search to understand the reasons why not everyone fulfils their potential, along with the qualities possessed by those that do, I came to understand that who we are on the inside – our repetitive thought patterns, how we consistently feel and what we believe to be true about life – is a direct reflection of what shows up in our outer world.  

Science has now proven that everything, regardless of how solid it may appear, consists predominantly of energy.  This means that what we perceive as physical objects (such as books, furniture, plants, animals, stars and the human body) are actually comprised mostly of atoms vibrating at different frequencies of energy.

Our energy signature influences our experience of life

All matter in the material universe radiates a specific energy signature and it is the energy pattern broadcast by each individual, based on their unique state of being, that influences their experience of life.

Our state of being and our energy field is dependant on the quality of our predominant thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the actions we take.  Each of us has the capacity to modify our energy by refining our state of being using mindfulness practises, emotional release techniques and belief change processes, as we all as making lifestyle choices that are in alignment with who we are at our very core.

Understanding the quality of your unique energy signature, along with the factors that influence it, both positively and negatively, is important if you wish to change the print out of your life.

Imaging the state and quality of our energy field

Up until recently, the only way to determine if the methods of change you’ve implemented have been effective in transforming your reality, is through observing the positive changes that begin to occur in your day-to-day life.  Examples include: feeling more emotionally buoyant, positive changes in your relationships, experiencing less negative self-talk and an increase in mental clarity and physical energy.  Even particular situations no longer bother you the way they used to.

However, it’s often difficult to be objective about how far you’ve come and the overall progress you are making as you consciously work towards changing your thought patterns, releasing trapped emotions, creating new beliefs and taking actions that are congruent with your deepest desires.

Using Electro-Photonic Imaging, it is now possible to measure the human energy field and get real time feedback on the factors that affect your energy state.  This imaging modality is a non-invasive, cost effective way to provide you with a visual representation of the quality of your energy field.

The imaging process only takes a few minutes and involves ‘taking a picture’ of all ten fingertips.  The resultant image provides you with a holistic view of your functional and energetic state at the moment of imaging.

Seeing is believing and fast tracks your progress

I’ve personally found this information helpful for tracking my own progress and assessing the effectiveness of the modalities I’m using, and I encourage my clients to invest in an Energy Assessment prior to commencing our work together.  Doing so will provide you with a record of the state of your energy field before initiating any changes in your life and acts as a benchmark to verify the progress you are making as a result of the work we are doing together.

I also recommend assessing your energy field when trialing modalities that aim to improve the quality of your energy field, such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation or a Brain Defrag.  Doing so will allow you to gauge your responsiveness to the modality and give you confidence in the time, energy and money you are investing in creating positive change in your life.

Having quantitative data to track your improvement is highly beneficial as it provides you with tangible proof that the process is working.  I’ve found that when clients have trust and faith in the process it results in swifter progress and larger paradigm shifts in their day-to-day reality.

What your Energy Assessment includes

Your investment in an Energy Assessment is AUS $125.00.  This includes the collection of four energy scans to ascertain your psycho-emotional and physiological state, pre and post exercise load, a 40 page written report with images of you energy field and the size and alignment of your primary chakras.

Energy Field

Chakra Size and Alignment

Energy Analysis

Information gleaned from Electro-Photonic Imaging

Below is a brief summary of the information that can be gleaned from Electro-Photonic Imaging:

  • Visual impression of the representation of the energy in your body
  • Your current level of stress and anxiety
  • The amount of energy you have in reserve
  • How balanced your autonomic nervous system is
  • What organs in your body contain energy blockages
  • Where your body is storing physical and emotional trauma
  • The size of your chakras and how well they are aligned

Booking details

To book your Energy Assessment e-mail or call me on +61 410 564 000.

With love,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell
Brisbane, Australia


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