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Who I was

I had all the hallmarks of what is considered ‘success’ – top of my game in the medical imaging industry, dream house and classic car, a great social life and plenty of admirers, designer clothes and heaps of ‘friends’. But I was miserable. I fought my life long battle with depression using a strategy of diving into work, building a sideline business, renovating and decorating my home and socialising every weekend.

Except none of those strategies were working. Everything I had achieved seemed meaningless. Suddenly many of my material possessions and relationships seemed superficial, and I had reached a new low.

I was broken, unable to bounce back in the old way. Workaholism and materialism were not sustainable antidotes.  

I dove in, head first, and explored every type of method available to ‘fix’ myself. No stone was left unturned. I explored the conventional, the esoteric and everything in between. I changed career several times but that wasn’t the answer. I tried counselling and psychotherapy, art therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, meditation, yoga. I visited a homeopath and took flower essences. I had an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure the electrical activity of my brain. I consulted psychic’s and tarot readers. I under went Electro-Photonic Imaging to asses my psycho-emotional health. I visited ancient sacred megalithic sites and participated in shamanic healings. I found a spiritual mentor. I engaged a coach. I read every personal development book I could get my hands on. I attended seminars, workshop and retreats lead by internationally recognised spiritual teachers. I spent a fortune in time, money and sheer effort. 

What I discovered

Then in 2013 I finally had a breakthrough. I found key information, teachers and tools that helped my uncover my life purpose and turn my life around in a matter of months. This pivotal period was life changing. Deep down I’d always know that something was missing from my life and that feeling depressed and hollow didn’t have to be my default position. I also realised that ‘success’ meant something totally different to what I was taught to believe. It had nothing to do with my job title, status in life or the material possessions I owned. It was also not an end point. The reason my life felt unfulfilling and empty was because it lacked real purpose and meaning. Essentially I had no worthwhile reason for living.

My discovery about my own purpose was that I am a curator of resources and modalities. My life purpose is to help others ‘heal’ their low self-worth and insecurities. This was not a role that I ever would have imagined I was capable of performing early on in my search! It wasn’t until I found resources and tools to overcome my lack of confidence, value my needs and really believe in my knowledge and capabilities that I began to feel worthy of this role and own it fully.

Following this powerful inner shift everything changed. People began treating me differently. They were kinder, more respectful and openly acknowledged their appreciation for me and my efforts. I also experienced less resistance in attaining my goals and my life began to flow more smoothly. Doors that were previously closed, or didn’t exist at all, began to open up.

I left my career, and spent my main efforts, skills and resources to prepare for this role in life. I built this site, A Guide for Life, and have now published two workbooks. It is the first stage of a bigger plan to build a rural empowerment and wellbeing centre similar.

This rural facility will be the central point of many smaller urban centres which will provide respite, a place to decompress and gain knowledge, tools and assistance in uncovering your life purpose, releasing your emotional baggage, overcoming your self-limiting beliefs and dysfunctional behaviour, so that you can safely express your untethered self. It is in the urban concentrations where it is easiest to feel disconnected, unaligned and lost. This needs to change and I aim is to do so.

It has not been easy staying on this road – there are many stumbles and my old complexes do poke their heads up every now and then. But each time I am delighted that I am able to withdraw from those tentacles of depression, doubt and fear, much more quickly and relatively unscathed.

How I can help you

My aim is to ensure that you do not have to take the same tortuous path I did. Many of my experiences on my search were highly valuable, and I enthusiastically applied them to my own life. But it was clear that no one methodology was a cure-all. There is a lot of good information and teachers out there – but often it is confusing due to the sheer volume of ‘approaches’ being offered, or off-putting because of the jargon used. It is difficult to distinguish the genuine core methods which are so valuable from the seemingly diluted and less powerful.

This is why I developed the website – to give a birds eye view and free resources to people who identify with the depression and unhappiness I experienced for most of my life, and also to those who are somewhere on the same road of searching and feeling confused.

I have developed a tool-kit of modalities that I love and value, and am taking clients for individual healing sessions. My arsenal of tools include:

  • PSYCH-K® – a belief change process used to quickly and easily communicate directly with the subconscious mind and seed it new positive beliefs. I am a certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator.
  • Access Bars  – a hands-on healing process that synchronises brainwave patterns, quietens the mind and expands your level of consciousness. I am a certified Access Bars Practitioner.
  • Emotion Code – an emotional release technique that quickly and painlessly releases your emotional baggage, regardless of how long you’ve been carrying it around. I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.
  • Electro-Photonic Imaging – a specialist imaging machine that measures the quality of a persons energy field as well as the size and alignment of their chakras. I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Imaging Technology.

The most important thing I can offer, however, is Personalised Guidance. These one-on-one sessions help to provide clarity and support you through each stage of the change process step-by-step. I direct you to the resources that will allow you to discover your life’s purpose, unlock your innate gifts and talents and conquer any obstacles that are holding you back from expressing yourself fully in the world.

Providing this knowledge will lead you to develop your own ‘tool-kit’. By doing so, you’ll discover what works for you personally and learn to ‘self-administer’. Now that is empowerment! It means you don’t have to continually come to me to be ‘fixed’. You’ll be able to fix yourself. My aim is to help you to acquire the tools and grow the self-confidence to deal with anything that crosses your path, so you can independently move towards living the life you love.

Praise for my work

“A Guide for Life provides an important service to people who are seeking personal guidance in the bewildering world of self-help!”Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®, Author

“You have put so much energy into A Guide for Life! I love the name and I wish I’d had a resource like this 30 years ago!!”Gregg Braden, Best-selling author, Nominee 2019 Templeton Award

“Wow!  What an immense amount of work and love you have put into A Guide for Life.   You’ve done such a stellar job.  Congratulations!!  I can only begin to imagine how much effort it all has taken.”Denise Linn, Soul Coach, International Lecturer & Healer

“I am really impressed. You have done the work. You have been able to bring all of that into your own story. That’s why it’s so powerful.  Because it’s not just you telling your story, it’s you shining the light on people who helped you get there. You’ve really nailed it. This [A Guide for Life] is going to resonate with so many people who are “looking”.  That’s what people need. You have connected all the dots. You’ve hit the key points. You’ve got the right tools. You’ve got the leaders in the field. You are giving people not only the information [they need] but allowing them to pick and choose what they think they need.  It’s really tremendous.”Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, Neuroscientist, Author, Speaker, Researcher

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