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Trapped in a deep dark hole of depression

My name is Kylie Attwell.  I had everything I thought I wanted.  A flourishing career, dream car and house, a great social life, designer things, heaps of ‘friends’.  Everything everyone tells you will make you feel happy and fulfilled.  Except I wasn’t.  I felt hollow and deeply unhappy.

Being a logical person I went searching for what was ‘missing’.  I searched high and low for well over a decade, changing careers (4 or 5 times!), reading books, attending seminars and workshops, trying to work it out.

After 14 years of expanding my self-knowledge, I had a pretty clear idea of how and why I was so ‘screwed up’. But no matter how hard I tried to change, I was still repeating the same old patterns over and over again.  I had discovered a lot of brilliant teachers, but it was quite another thing putting their methodologies into practice.

Then in 2013 I hit a crisis point.  Work dried up.  I had lost the ‘love’ of my life.  My house looked like a renovators nightmare.  For the first time, my health was failing me.

Seeing the first sliver of light

In the depths of my crisis I found key information, teachers and tools that changed my life, allowing me to discover my life purpose and to turn my life around in a matter of months. I have created this website for people who are searching – it is the website I would have loved to have found all those years ago.

With so much information out there it can be pretty daunting knowing where to start.  Based on my years of experimenting, I have put together the resources which, in my experience, had the most impact and were the most life-changing.

I invite you to follow me through my journey – broken down into 7 bite sized chapters.  I’ll introduce you to each teacher and describe the impact they had on my life.

I am hoping that my personal examples will give you an idea of how these resources can be applied to your life.

Let’s begin….

Chapter 1

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