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Slipstream through life by learning how to surrender to the Universe

Just let go. Detach from the outcome.

I’d heard and read both of these statements hundreds of times. I knew theoretically that it was one of the core steps to manifesting but I was finding it difficult to understand, let alone apply to my reality.

I’d experienced first hand the ineffectiveness of my efforts to assist the universe in delivering my desires. Apparently letting go was the answer. But I had no idea of how to let go of anything. Once I had my sights fixed on something, I wanted to see a successful result.

Force, pushes things further away

I was brilliant at being a project and event manager – I was a natural trouble-shooter. I foresaw all potential problems before they arose. I strategised. I had backup plans.

Letting go and detaching was foreign territory to me. When I attempted to let go my fears and doubts surfaced. I found it next to impossible to wait for the universe to deliver a ‘sign’ or ‘message’, indicating my next course of action. Terrified, I would revert to my habit of second guessing my next step. When I did so – my path became blocked.

Again, I reflected on the situations where my life had flowed smoothly. I recognised that in those moments I was doing something that I loved, fully absorbed and present in the moment. All concept of time and space disappeared. I detached from anticipating a specific outcome. I relaxed. I had fun. I had, in fact, let go.

Ok, I think I got it.

Discovering a new way of operating

Now, whenever I catch myself trying to make (or in my case, force) something to happen, or worrying about the outcome of a particular situation, I’ve learnt to simply stop.

Instead, I imagine and project how I would ‘feel’ once the perfect outcome (whatever form that takes) has unfolded gracefully. When I hold these feelings in my heart, and engage in an activity in which I lose all concept of time and my environment, something invariably shifts. A solution presents itself.

I’ve found that some things take longer to materialise than others. However, the more I practice letting go and trust in this process, the more I enjoy life and the more my life flows.


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Gregg Braden
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