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Freeing myself of anxiety and depression

My life is no longer a daily struggle in which I’m fighting for every breath.  Day-by-day my life is becoming richer, more colourful and joyous.  I have a deeper understanding of who I am, what inspires me and how I can contribute to the world.  I’m beginning to develop an unshakeable inner strength.  I no longer feel that I am at the mercy of what life throws at me.  Instead, I’ve begun to trust in the way my life is unfolding.  It feels good to be alive.

My new found sense of purpose, inner strength and freedom wasn’t a fluke or a result of good fortune.  It developed and was cultivated as a direct result of applying the principles I outline in My Story and can be replicated and attained by anyone who is willing to apply a similar methodology.  I’ll be honest though, it takes discipline and dedication but I assure you the rewards far outweigh the effort required.

If I were to summarise the process that has lead to a shift in my state of being in a few words it would be: discovering what is most meaningful to me, and then living in accordance with my needs and desires.

It sounds simple enough.  So why has adopting this methodology made such a difference to my life?

Discerning and honouring my needs and desires

Acquiring the tools to be able to discern my needs and desires has made decision making easier and given my life purpose and direction.  It’s a bit like being given a GPS after attempting to navigate a destination without a map or directions.

The act of living in alignment with my needs and desires (by consciously eliminating the things from my life that do not represent me and embracing the things that do) has resulted in me consistently feeling emotionally buoyant, joyous and fulfilled.  I’ve also found that by honouring my needs and desires and expressing myself fully, I set into motion an alignment in my outer world.  My life now flows and unfolds more easily.  Opportunities have begun to open up without the need to exert any effort.  Synchronicities and meaningful coincidences have become a way of life.

Reprogramming my subconscious mind

Experience has shown me that the only thing holding us back from becoming the person we aspire to be and living the type of life we wish to live, is our beliefs – conscious and subconscious.  I realise now that negative self-talk, feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety, guilt and insecurity, avoidant behaviour and procrastination, recurrent undesirable experiences, and physical ailments are all symptoms of self-limiting beliefs.

I recognise, too, that set backs, resistance and struggle arise when – we are not honouring our needs and desires; we have an underlying fear about a particular situation; or our subconscious beliefs do not support our conscious desires.

My new found sense of inner peace, contentment and freedom can be directly attributed to the belief change processes outlined in Chapter 5 of My Story (titled Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind).  Using these processes allowed me to quickly and easily identify my self-limiting beliefs and reframe them so they were in alignment with what I consciously wanted to create and experience.

My new experience of life

The results were life-changing.  Something within me shifted at a very deep level and it had nothing to do with my external environment.  At the time there had been no change in my physical surroundings or personal circumstances.  I would liken it to an attitude shift or change in perception.  My fears, doubts and negative self-talk dissipated and I began to see beauty everywhere.

Experiencing this powerful inner shift led me to understand that reprogramming the subconscious mind is the key to creating lasting and positive change.  People now treat me differently.  They are kinder, more respectful, and openly acknowledge their appreciation for me and my efforts.  There also is less resistance in attaining my goals and the direction I’m heading.  Doors that were previously closed, or didn’t exist at all, have begun to open up.

My sense of trust, certainty and self-confidence have developed and grown as I have consistently experienced improvements and breakthroughs in the areas of my life which I’d found the most challenging.  My decisions, actions and the way I live my life are no longer influenced, limited or paralysed by my deepest fears, such as; accumulating further debt, having my heart broken again, failing to achieve my goals, disappointing others, not being good enough, or being seen as a failure.  I now possess the tools and skills to alleviate them.

As a result, I no longer avoid circumstances that I would have once considered confrontational or made me feel uncomfortable.  Nor do I need to make up excuses in order get out of a particular situation or keep various aspects of my life hidden.  Instead, I am now easily able to set strong boundaries, be myself, share my opinion, and handle challenging situations with a quiet sense of calm, self-assuredness, openness and honesty.  I’ve relinquished the need to prove myself, be defensive, control the outcome, take on other peoples responsibilities, or do whatever it takes to please others in order to keep the peace.  It is very freeing.

I now find that I am naturally able to be, and remain, fully present in the moment.  It’s no longer a mindful practise.  Also, I am more observant and less engaged in the dynamics occurring around me.  I am able to discern how I’m feeling moment to moment and act accordingly.  On the odd occasion that something does trigger me or push my buttons, instead of reacting automatically and unconsciously, I now have the awareness and skills to catch myself and respond in new ways.

Maintaining my form

However, I still very much consider myself and my life as a work in progress.  I continue to be diligent about the processes and daily practises I use.  But, I’ll admit that despite how enriching my experience of life is now, at times I can still get frustrated, impatient and despondent.  Experience has shown me that if I use my will in an attempt to make things happen or force an outcome, I create resistance.  Things stop flowing and I end up pushing what I want away.

Now, my actions are centred around ensuring that I honour my needs and remain true to the things that are most meaningful to me, rather then being influenced by other people’s opinions, judgements, expectations and agendas. My day-to-day focus and priority is on holding and mentally rehearsing the larger vision I have for my life.

I’ve found that it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and develop a sense of expectation (and even entitlement) when the things I’ve always dreamt of, but never really believed to be possible, begin to happen.  The vision I have for my larger life is so real and tangible to me now, to the point that I can literally see, smell, taste, feel and touch it.  However, it’s very deflating when the things you desire the most continue to elude you, or don’t occur in the way you want them to, when you want them to.

It’s a delicate balance that I am still getting the hang of.  But I’ve found that if I choose to enjoy my day and make the most of every moment, regardless of what appears to be missing in my physical life, my frustration dissipates and overall I’m more emotionally buoyant.  By honouring this choice everyday I’ve noticed that slowly but surely, bit-by-bit, my outer world has begun to catch up with my inner world.

The more I commit to making this choice and trust the process, the more I am able to relax and enjoy the gifts that life has to offer in each moment.  In fact, now it is no longer a ‘process’ for me.  This is my natural way of being. Rather than making ‘gratitude’ an intentional practise I now feel grateful and genuinely live in a state of gratitude, awe and wonder.

Challenges still arise.  But I possess the tools and the self-confidence to deal with anything that crosses my path.  The destination isn’t so important any more.  The discovery process has been rich for me, and appears limitless in its potential.  I’m now enjoying each moment of the journey I am on.

There is hope for us all

So why isn’t everyone living accordingly?

Some are.  You may recognise these people as those who are inquisitive, optimistic and embrace life whole heartedly.  They are passionate about creating a better way of living for all and are quietly confident in achieving it.  They are nurturing and compassionate.  They encourage, support and inspire others to embrace and achieve greatness.  They are wise and seem to handle challenges with grace and ease.

The teachers I feature on this website all possess the above mentioned qualities and more, and are people we can learn much from.  They each have their area of expertise and readily share their knowledge and wisdom by way of seminars, books, workshops and retreats.

Until now, their work has never been curated in one location.  This website aims to demystify and clarify the process of self-discovery and outline the actions required so that you can live in accordance with your deepest needs and desires.

I encourage you to dive deep and devour as much as you can from this site and the links I provide to other resources.  Ask questions.  Explore the works of teachers you resonate with.  Get in touch and share your discoveries and your story with me.

The journey of self-discovery and living according to who you are can often be difficult and isolating.  But it’s also exciting, exhilarating and so very freeing.  The more we support and learn from one another, the easier, more rewarding and enjoyable our experience of life on planet Earth will be.


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