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Brain Mapping (Service)

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What exactly is Brain Mapping?

It’s a modality used to the study the anatomy and function of the brain through the use of medical imaging equipment and technology. Brain mapping allows researchers and medical professionals to understand what parts of the brain control particular functions.  It can be used to watch the brain working on various tasks and to examine how our environment changes our brain’s structure. In other words, brain mapping aims to give us a thorough picture of our brain’s structure and function.

How is brain mapping performed?

Images of the brain are collected using a variety of tools, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), positron emission tomography (PET), electroencephalography (EEG).

The images are then turned into data and that data is then used to analyse how different areas within the brain are operating.

Neuroscientists, like Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, use brain mapping to study and work with patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD). He designs programs based on patients’ specific needs in order to train the brain for optimal performance.

Dr. Jeffrey Fannin has worked in the neuroscience field mapping and analyzing the human brain for over 17 years. His cutting-edge research uses EEG technology to determine the effect meditation and belief change processes, such as PSYCH-K, Access Consciousness and Tapping, have on improving brain function.

I was fortunate, along with a number of other participants, to be a candidate for Dr. Fannin’s brain mapping during a workshop led by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who conducts brain mapping studies during his Advanced Workshops.  During these events, Dispenza use brain mapping to assess and quantify improvements in brain function as a direct result of his meditations.

What occurs during testing?

A participant’s head is fitted with a wireless EEG cap which has 20 electrodes that detect and feed electrical information being emitted from their brain to a computer which displays and records the EEG reading of the brainwave activity.

Three five-minute readings are taken prior to the workshop commencing. The first reading is performed with eyes open, the second with eyes close, the third while meditating. The pre-workshop scans allow Dr. Fannin to obtain a baseline reading for comparison with scans taken during and after the workshop.

The brain mapping process is repeated during meditation and at the end of the workshop following four full days of guided meditation immersion.

The raw EEG data is converted into what is known as quantitative electroencephalograph (QEEG) tomography. In laymen’s terms, QEEG is a series of cross sectional images of the brain, each displaying a different frequency. The QEEG data is then analysed by Dr. Fannin to determine how effectively a person’s brain is functioning.

What specific brain qualities and elements are measured?

Dr. Fannin looks for the following characteristics:

  • How orderly or disorderly a person’s brain wave patterns are
  • The energy of the brain waves
  • The degree to which the different parts of the brain are working together in harmony
  • How long it takes a person to enter into meditation and if they are able to consistently maintain a state of meditation over time
  • The person’s ability to regulate and control mind chatter and intrusive thoughts, and the degree to which the brain functions in a holistic state
  • How different brain compartments communicate with each other across entire regions

Why have your brain mapped?

Braining mapping is an invaluable resource for discovering more about yourself and the way your brain and mind work.

I found having my brain mapped extremely beneficial. Dr. Fannin was able to provide me with feedback on my meditation technique and offer advice on how I could continue to improve my results.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend engaging Dr. Fannin’s brain mapping services.

The good news? He is in the process of developing affordable technology and software that will allow people to perform their own Brainmap and to receive a report of their results almost instantaneously. This device will come with instructions and training software tailored to your specific brain map to help improve your brain function.

Dr. Fannin changes people’s lives forever. He provides brain mapping services at various events and from his office located in Glendale, Arizona, USA. His work has been a catalyst for my personal transformation and influenced Chapter 5 of My Story. You can read more about the direct impact he has had on my life here or visit his website.

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Brain Mapping

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