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All that we are is what we have thought.” – Buddha

I’d always dreamed of owning my own home.  For years, I’d collected magazines and images of the types of homes and design details that I loved.

When I first purchased my home I began imagining what my house would look like when it was fully renovated.  I got out my design file and began sorting through the images I’d collected over the years.  Once I’d narrowed down the pile, I pinned the images to a paint canvas I had lying around.

I filled the canvas with images of the staircase I loved, wall finishes, paint colours, kitchen counter tops, cupboard doors, shelving units, taps and tap handles, a floor rug, skylights, light fittings, etc.

Doing so helped me communicate my ideas and the look and feel I had envisioned.  When I got serious about renovating, this new resource documenting the visual details made it much easier working with my architect and tradespeople.

Without realising it, I’d created my first vision board.

Years later, when I discovered the power of vision boards, I began creating one for the type of life I wished to live and the person I wanted to be.  This time, I filled it with post-it notes of handwritten affirmations and images of the lifestyle I dreamed of living.

The end result was a messy collage that collected dust over time.  It was hardly inspirational and I hid it whenever I had a visitor.

Fast forward to 2014.  I was describing my dream of building a wellbeing retreat centre with a friend who I’d recently met while on a tour with Gregg Braden.  She introduced me to Mind Movies, the on-line software that allows you to make a movie of the life you wish to create.  The vision board for the 21st Century.

This powerful visualisation software was developed by Glen and Natalie Ledwell.  They developed Mind Movies so that others could benefit from the technology and experience similar results to those they gained from creating a video that represented the life they wished to live.

Watching a movie that symbolises your desires helps you to easily visualise the future you want to create.  Dr. Joe Dispenza found incorporating Mind Movies into his Advanced Workshops helped participants tap into the quantum field to create a new future.  In fact, many of his advanced students reported miraculous and unexpected events occurring in their lives as a direct result of an intention they placed inside their movie.

I found Mind Movies a fast and easy way to create a dynamic visual representation of my deepest desires.  It’s simply a matter of dragging and dropping the images and affirmations into the Mind Movies timeline in the order you’d like them to appear on the screen, then selecting the music you’d like to use as the soundtrack.

You can upload your own images, videos and music and write your own positive belief statements into your movie.  Or you can use the Mind Movies library of images, videos, affirmations and music. The library is categorised into different life areas so you can quickly choose resources on the topic you are building your mind movie around.

There is also a feature in which you can apply subliminal tracks to your movie.  These tracks contain embedded positive messages below your conscious hearing for deeper more effective subconscious programming.

Once you’ve finished creating your mind movie, you can download it to your computer or share it with your friends via facebook, YouTube and e-mail.

Natalie Ledwell believes the action of making your movie is the most powerful part of the process.  She says, taking the time to consider what you want to create then choosing inspiring images that symbolise your desires and combining them with positive affirmations and motivating music sends a powerful intention out into the universe.

Natalie says, the music you choose is extremely important because the right music can amplify the emotion you feel when watching your movie.  The power, she says, lies in the emotion of feeling like you are already living your dreams as your reality.  This acts like a magnet drawing what you desire to your life.

Dr. Joe Dispenza believes that once you can visually recall the details of your mind movie whenever you hear the music that forms part of your movie, it means that you have made enough neural connections for your desires to manifest.  This event is a sure sign that what you want is already on it’s way to you.

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