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Do you have a goal, ambition, dream or desire you are working towards – such as finding the love of your life, starting a new business, writing a book, getting pregnant – and no matter how hard you try to make it happen it still alludes you? You’ve done what would be considered all the right things and taken all the logical steps. You’re 100% committed to your goal. You’ve invested hard work, energy and money in the project. You’ve sort expert advice and implemented it. Essentially, you’ve done everything you can to set yourself up for success and yet you aren’t making any real progress. Ultimately you either give up or fail trying.

This was my experience time and time again, until I worked out what was going on.

During my 20 year search to understand the reasons why not everyone fulfils their potential and why success almost seems to fall into the lap of others, I came to understand that the only thing holding us back from achieving our desires are our subconscious beliefs and our emotional baggage. (Note: You can learn more about trapped emotions and how they impact your life by reading the section titled Emotional Spring Clean. My focus here is on subconscious beliefs and what you might gain from a Belief Adjustment.)

My search led me to key resources that taught me more about how the human brain and mind work and gave me a deeper understanding of the notions of the conscious and subconscious minds, particularly the power of the subconscious mind.

I learnt that our childhood programming, based on the messages we receive and the behaviours passed down from our parents and caregivers, influences what we believed to be true about life. Not what is true or indeed possible.

This information helped me comprehend that my day-to-day reality was simply a reflection of the story I’d created about my life, thanks to my childhood programming. What I found most exciting was the concept that the story could be changed. I learnt that when we change our beliefs, the printout of our lives also change.

As a result of these teachings I had a lightening bolt moment. I realised that we will and can only create what we desire or achieve our goals if our subconscious beliefs are an exact match with our conscious intentions. If both the conscious and subconscious minds are not in agreement, it is not possible at manifest our dreams. Instead, you bring into existence is what you subconsciously believe to be true, not what you consciously want to create or make happen.

Let me provide you with an example of how a shift in your subconscious beliefs can make all the difference in changing the outcome of your reality.

I recently worked with a client who had been trying to fall pregnant for almost two years.  Because of her age and history of endometriosis, she and her husband had begun IVF and were in the process of the third round.  They had invested almost every cent they had to fulfil their dreams of becoming parents and with two failed attempts the pressure was paying a heavy toll on the couple.

When I became privy to this information, I did a number of sessions over a two week period to eliminate any underlying issues, as a result of trapped emotions, that were preventing her from conceiving. Once this process was complete, I then began work on her beliefs. Note: You can learn more about trapped emotions and how they impact your life by reading the section titled Emotional Spring Clean.

I asked my client if she had any doubts, concerns, worries or fears about becoming a mother – such as falling pregnant, losing a baby to miscarriage, gaining weigh during the pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy baby, being able to give birth naturally, her or the baby dying during birthing, not having enough money due to the loss of one income, her body not being the same after having given birth, being a good mother, not knowing what to do causing her to hurt or injure her new born.

She confessed her greatest fears and I asked her if’d she would be open to me exploring her subconscious programming to ensure that her subconscious mind was in agreement with her conscious wish to become pregnant. My plan was to reframe her recurring negative thoughts into positive belief statements and then seed them directly into her subconscious mind, using a belief change modality I use called PSYCH-K®.

Using muscle testing I communicated with my clients subconscious mind to establish if it was in alignment with each of the statements I’d created and found that subconsciously she didn’t believe she could fall pregnant, carry and give birth to a healthy baby or enjoy motherhood.

Using PSYCH-K, I then facilitated a shift in my client’s subconscious beliefs so they matched her goal of being a mother, which she had consciously desired and aspired to since she was a teenager.

The following day I had a waking vision that my client had given birth to a healthy baby girl. In the vision, I’d gone to visit her not long after the baby had been born and she was so in love with this blessed being and so very happy to be a mum.

Three months later my client messaged me to tell me that she was pregnant.

Of course, I can’t prove that the release of my client’s trapped emotions and the reprogramming her subconscious beliefs resulted in her falling pregnant. However, given the length of time she and her husband had been trying to conceive naturally and the number IVF treatments she’d had prior to our work together, it may well have contributed and was certainly worth exploring.

I have many other examples I could share with you, but I chose this one as it really touches my heart and is one that many people can related to.

If you are like my client and have a goal that you desperately wish to achieve, it may pay to have someone check your subconscious beliefs (you can also do this yourself if you know how to muscle test) prior to embarking on your journey to start that new business, study for that degree, get married, fall pregnant, buy an investment property, build or renovate your home, et cetera.

I’ve personally found that it’s far more efficient to ensure you have the subconscious beliefs to support your goals than to toil away yet gain little traction. A simple Belief Adjustment may mean the difference between failure and success. Of course, with failure there are always lessons to be learnt and growth to be gained, so there is no such thing as failure. But why make things harder than they need to be.

To book your Belief Adjustment e-mail me or call me on +61 410 564 000.

To learn more about PSYCH-K and it’s founder Rob Williams I recommend watching the following video.

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