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Creating a new narrative that you mentally and physically rehearse is effective for changing the printout of your life. However, there are now new modalities available that help to fast-forward the process. Before I share these modalities, it is important to learn a little bit about the human brain and mind, particularly the subconscious mind. I promise to keep it as short and as simple as possible.

The workings of your mind

It is believed that the mind is compromised of two aspects: the conscious and the subconscious. Your conscious mind thinks abstractly, sets goal, judges results and focuses on the past and future. It hold a memory of around 20 seconds and can only process a limited number of events at a time.

In comparison, your subconscious mind lives in the present. It records and stores everything that you have ever heard, said, felt and experienced. However, it does not think or reason independently, because it’s primary job is to respond in exactly the way you have been programmed – innate and learned, negative and positive.

The role of your subconscious is to oversee all the autonomic functions that keep you alive without you needing to think about it, including your heart beating, blood flowing, lungs breathing and bowels moving. In addition, it processes your life experiences and develops way of behaving to ensure your survival. For this reason, the subconscious mind is not easily changed.

Have you ever felt emotionally and physically uncomfortable when faced with something new or different? Or more relevantly, when you’ve tried to modify a self-destructive pattern of behaviour, such as your drinking and eating habits? This is your subconscious mind doing its job. Good or bad, right or wrong, it responds precisely to how you were programmed.

Unless you consciously implement methods to reprogram your subconscious mind, it’s safe to say that your childhood programming is running your life. The first step of editing unwanted or dysfunction programs therefore involves conscious creating a new story for your life, or in the context of this workbook, an overarching vision.

Editing faulty programming

Getting rid of your ‘faulty programming’ requires you to consciously and actively reprogram your subconscious mind using specific and tested processes. As discussed earlier, one method for editing your dysfunctional survival programs involves consciously creating a new life story.

Other modalities include hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Kinesiology, Theta Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping).

The method I’ve found to be the most effective is the cutting-edge belief change process known as PSYCH-K®. This modality allows you to identify self-limiting beliefs and transform them into those that support you. Most importantly, it’s a DIY process that’s easy to learn, simple to use and fast!

Using PSYCH-K®, it only takes a few minutes to seed a new life-enhancing belief directly into the subconscious mind, helping to reduce unwanted stress and allowing you to respond to life’s challenges in a more balanced way.


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