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My aim is to ensure that you don’t take the same tortuous path I did. The journey of self-discovery and the process of change can often be difficult and isolating, but you don’t have to go it alone. I’m here to help you every step of the way, if you need me. However, my intention is to empower you to chart your own course and be your own healer.

I’ve developed this site to give you a birds eye view of the terrain you will need to cover in order to live a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life. I also provide you with a condensed library of free information which is designed to help you understand and navigate the journey you are on. You’ll find tools and resources to discover your life’s purpose, unlock your unique gifts and talents, expand your consciousness, shift your self-limiting beliefs and release your emotional baggage.

However, if you require more personalised care, guidance and healing, it would be my honour to work one-on-one with you to facilitate lasting positive change in your life. Below is a brief overview of the services and modalities I offer to clients:


My real strength’s lie in guiding and supporting clients through each stage of the change process step-by-step. I provide clients with one-on-one personalised guidance and clarity about their journey. I also help them take steps to live in alignment with who they truly are and process any issues as they arise.

I will help you uncover your life’s purpose, then assist you to create a vision for your life that reflects your deepest desires yet feels tangible and achievable. Together we’ll release any emotional baggage and self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living the life or your dreams. I support you to develop your own tool-kit of skills so you don’t continually need rely on the services of others.


Is the state and quality of your energy field effecting your ability to manifest your deepest desires?

All matter in the material universe radiates a specific energy signature and it’s this energy pattern that influences our experience of life. Understanding the quality of your energy signature, along with the factors that influence it, both positively and negatively, is essential if you wish to change the print out of your life.

Discover what your energy field looks like and how to refine it so you can initiate lasting positive change in your life.  Book your Energy Assessment today.


Have you ever wondered why success seems to almost fall into the lap of some people but alludes you, regardless of how much effort you put in or try to make things happen in your life?

According to the Laws of Attraction, you can only achieve your goals if your subconscious beliefs are an exact match with your conscious intentions.

Belief Adjustment may mean the difference between failure and success when starting a new business, finding the love of your life, publishing your book, getting pregnant, achieving financial freedom.


Trapped emotions underpin our fears, doubts, depression, negative self-talk and dysfunctional behaviour. They influence our emotional, mental and physical health and impact the way life unfolds.

Rather than providing relief, many emotional release techniques reinforce the original trauma, deepen emotional wounds and create additional scarring.

If you are drowning in your emotions, an Emotional Spring Clean will quickly and painlessly release your emotional baggage, regardless of how long you’ve been carrying it around.


Are you plagued with negative thoughts? Feeling overwhelmed? Having trouble sleeping? Is your mind constantly in overdrive? If so, you will benefit from a Brain Defrag.

This gentle hands on treatment switches off the voice in your head that says you’re not good enough, you’re unlovable, you can’t accomplish your dreams, leaving you in a state of deep calm.

You’ll experience an expanded awareness, feel more present and your past won’t project into your future the same way. Your doubts and fears will dissolve.

If this information resonates with you and you are ready to take action, you can find out more about how you can work with me and the services I offer by sending me an e-mail: kylie@aguideforlife.com


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