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I believe that each of us is born with a unique purpose – a unique light – that is essential to the wellbeing of others and the greater good of the planet. Our role in this lifetime is to discover and fully embrace our light. The reward, for those courageous individuals who take on this role, is a life filled with meaning, fulfilment and joy. 

The even better news? You don’t need to become someone else to shine your light: it’s who you already are at your very core. All you need to know is where to look and what questions to ask yourself, and that’s where the workbook Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life will be of great assistance to you. 

Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life leads you through five activities that are designed to help you look deep within to uncover and reveal your light – the unique combination of skills, abilities, qualities and attributes that allows you to serve others and positively contribute to the world in a way that only you can.

A big shout out to the two luminous beings – Sharon Penny and Jo Jordan – who provided the visual inspiration for this post.  Sharon’s gift lies in creating immersive experiences which illuminate others by reawakening their connection to nature. Jo is a conceptual visionary who brings the right people together to pull off the miraculous. Together they create magical, yet meaningful, experiential wonderlands that uplift and inspire others.  Their latest collaboration is Christmas Wonderland in Nerima Gardens at Queens Park for Ipswich City Council Christmas celebrations.

Where do you shine?  How do you light-up others?

The bush fires that are currently ravaging Australia, along with other planetary crises, are providing individuals with plenty of opportunities to step up and embrace their light.  How can you sparkle in your own unique and special way?

With love,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell

Brisbane, Australia


Christmas Wonderland, Nerima Gardens:


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