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Changing the printout of your life, requires action – but a specific type of action. Making changes only in your outer world will not yield the desired and lasting results. Instead, you must focus on making sure your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and lifestyle choices are in alignment with what’s most meaningful to you. In other words, you must ensure you are living true-to-soul 100% of the time.

I found that when I became congruent with the fundamental essence of who I am, my outer world began to match my inner experience. Meaningful coincidences and synchronicities have now become a way of life. I am constantly surprised by the unexpected events, opportunities and circumstances that support me to live my life’s purpose and long-held desires.

Your ‘job’, therefore, is to take the action needed to do the ‘inner work’. This consists of quietening and harnessing your mind in positive and productive ways, practising emotional self-management, reprogramming your faulty beliefs and living in alignment with who you are a your very core.

When you are no longer carrying around emotional baggage or plagued by fears, doubts and negative self-talk, you will respond to life’s circumstances more intuitively. Rather than reacting from your survival programs, you’ll have the capacity to take inspired action and then watch things fall into place. Life gets a whole lot easier and much, much more fun. That is my wish for you!

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