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Dr. John Demartini has studied over 280 different academic disciplines and is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and personal empowerment. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, an internationally published author, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. He travels the world 300 days of the year sharing his wisdom through seminars and workshops. His personal transformation methodology known as the Demartini Method has transformed the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Demartini has achieved great success and changed the lives of millions, but life didn’t always come easy to him. He was born with a leg and hand deformity that required him to wear restrictive braces from age two until he was four. He was a left-handed dyslexic, who was unable to read or comprehend. At age 7, his first grade teacher announced in front of him and his parents that he had “a learning disability and that he would never read, write, communicate, never amount to anything, or go very far in life”.

At the age of 14, uninspired by academics, he quit school. He left home with his parents blessing and hitchhiked to California to fulfil his love of surfing. The next four years was a blend of homelessness, pan-holding to survive, drugs, alcohol and surfing.

Having made it to Hawaii, at age 17 he met an elderly man named Paul Bragg, a well-known naturopath who revolutionised the American health food industry. Paul was the catalyst in awakening Demartini’s desire to conquer his learning disability, get an education and make a difference in the world. As a result of this new vision to learn, the young Demartini picked up his surfboard, returned home to Texas and went back to school.

Focused and determined, he broke through his dyslexia and mastered reading and writing at the age of 18. Having developed a new passion for reading he read philosopher Wilheim Leibniz’s book Discourse on Metaphysics, which inspired Demartini to set out on a quest to find a way of helping himself and others discover and experience this underlying divine or implicated order that Leibniz wrote of.

This book was the inspiration for Demartini’s mission in life, which is to discover a way to awaken the awareness of the divine order in people’s lives, and the love in their hearts. Awakening them to the power that drives the evolution of life!

He went on to pass his GED, wrote his SATS and attained entry level into Wharton Junior College. He progressed to the University of Houston where he completed his Bachelors of Science degree at the age of 24. He studied Chiropractic at the Texas Chiropractic College where he graduated with honours at the age of 28.

From that time Demartini immersed himself in books covering subjects from cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, metaphysics, theology, mythology, philosophy, anthropology, economics, sociology, psychology until his insatiable interest took him through the studies of over 280 different academic disciplines.

The more he investigated the principles of the universe, the more inspired and certain he became that the same laws and patterns underlying all the different fields – from the many arts and sciences, to the various religions and philosophies of life – awaken us to our truest and highest potential. It is these laws that form the foundation of the Demartini Method.

The knowledge he shares in his Personal Development programs is a culmination based on 41 years of cross-disciplinary research. As an educator he travels full time around the world teaching people how to be more self-governed and empowered in all areas of their lives. He teaches them how to develop their potential, clarify their life and career direction and live inspired and fulfilled lives.

He breaths new life into his audiences with his enlightening perspectives, humorous observations of human nature, and practical action steps. His words of wisdom inspire minds, open hearts, and motivate people into action. His philosophy and revolutionary understanding of the power of unconditional love is reshaping psychology as we know it.

Demartini is now the author of 40 self-development books and manuscripts such as the acclaimed The Breakthrough Experience which has been translated into over 29 languages. He has produced over 61 CD’s and DVD’s covering subjects from relationships, finance, education, business, leadership, and health.

Dr John Demartini changes people’s lives forever. His work has been a catalyst for my personal transformation and influenced Chapter 1 of My Story. You can read more about the direct impact he has had on my life here or visit his website.


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