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Natalie Ledwell, author of the bestselling book, Never in Your Wildest Dreams, host of The Inspiration Show and Co-founder of Mind Movies, never imagined where she’d end up.

Raised in rural Australia in a family of eight, she knew that she was destined for something bigger, that she wanted more from her life and to help others find the same, but had no idea how to reach her goals.

Her journey has taken her from Australia and $120,000 in debt with no clear way out, to becoming one of the premier experts in the world on how to bring success and abundance into the lives of anyone who will embrace it.

Fast forward to today, Natalie and her incredible team at Mind Movies have empowered over 4.2 million people around the world to see beyond their own circumstances, to break down the boundaries real or perceived in their lives and truly begin to find the lives and success they deserve.

Natalie continues her trajectory to motivate and inspire people all over the world with her brand new television show WakeUP! that will air in over 80 million homes starting in May of this year with an incredible array of amazing guests dedicated to helping others create their own best lives.

Natalie is joined by Betsy Chasse, Cindy Ertman and Zhena Muzyka, all from different backgrounds with one thing in common, their desire to empower and enrich the women of today. This show is unlike any other “talk show” ever broadcast. WakeUP! is designed to encourage the conversation, generate discussion and really uncover the important topics facing women in today’s modern world.

Additionally, her powerful commitment to improving the lives of people everywhere extends into her brand new, groundbreaking program in Colombia where she’s created PD for Kids, a positive personal development program being taught now to 10,000 children in the most poverty stricken areas of the country, so that they too can see their lives beyond their current circumstances and live to their fullest potential. Taking their thoughts and dreams and helping them make it their reality.

Mind Movies changes people’s lives forever. I have found it to be an invaluable tool for helping me make my vision more tangible, more real. You can read more about the direct impact Natalie and Mind Movies has had on my life here or visit the website.


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