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Thank you to all who attended my first public presentation of A Guide for Life content, especially to those in The Americas who got up at silly o’clock. 

For those who missed my virtual workbook launch you can now watch the replay.

We covered the following topics:

  • inspiration behind wiring the workbook
  • key differences between purpose and passion
  • the five actives and what they are comprised of
  • shortcut for under covering the themes of your life purpose
  • who the workbook is for
  • what to expect from the rest of the workbook series
  • tips to help weather self-isolation

As mentioned during the launch, here are the people I would like to thank:

Avid Reader for coordinating and hosting the event.  Joelle Compton for joining me in conversation. Renee Chambellant and Preet Sahota for making me camera ready. Jillian Hodgson as well as Annie Humphrey, Antonella Spatola, Chris Hooper, Djanisa Tinder, Jayedan Naidu, Joelle Compton, Leonie McDonald, Lesley Bourne, Maree White, Maria Issaris, Michael Siebuhr, Nic Bianchi, Nick Paterson, Nikki Fisher, Paul Dellit, Sally Freestun, Simon Wood, Simone Miller and Wendy Millgate-Stuart for helping spread the word.

Jane Lindsay for prescribing just the right homeopathy remedy to help calm my nerves.

Narelle Duncan for identifying and clearly articulating the themes of my life purpose back in 2007.

Dawn Wonder and Penny McAuley for help with the initial pitch to Hay House.  It wasn’t until I actually began writing that I realised I was giving birth to a series of seven workbooks instead of A Guide for Life reproduced in book format.

Wendy Millgate-Stuart, Glea Gold, Fiona Wylie and Maria Issaris for their patience, guidance and advice to bring this first workbook to fruition. It’s been a journey and I appreciate that you said yes to the ride.

Stephen Bryett for cover design and layout.  Marvin Fox for capturing me even though I’m more of a behind the camera not in front of it kinda gal.

Chris King for ensuring all workbook purchases are seamless.

Camilla Whaitiri for your insight and unwavering encouragement to forge ahead when I didn’t know how I would pay my bills or put food on the table.

And a ginormous thank you to my family, friends and clients for their unconditional love and support.

In case you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you can do so using the buttons below.

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With love and eternal gratitude,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell

Brisbane, Australia

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