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If you’ve been struggling to find meaning and direction in your life or gain traction in your career, you’ll love this workbook!

You may have been advised to follow your passion or live your bliss and the success will follow. Building a life centred around passion offers temporary satisfaction, but it is not the answer to creating a joyous, fulfilling and meaningful life.

The workbook, Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life is a unique curriculum that walks you through 5 activities designed to accurately identify your life’s calling. This 5-step process is based on the latest research and methodologies of world-renowned career and behaviour specialists, and will take you on a journey deep within to uncover:

  • what you truly value
  • who you aspire to be
  • the themes of your life purpose
  • your unique gifts and abilities
  • where you are already naturally expressing your calling

In this workbook you’ll learn the difference between purpose and passion and the consequences of mistaking a passion for your purpose. The workbook contains 25 questions that allow you to find the answers within.  It also recommends consulting a career direction specialist who’s job it is to help people understand their soul’s purpose.  It’s this combination of the two approaches that helps you really own your purpose and gives you the confidence to go out and live it.

Discovering your life purpose is the crucial first step to building a life that you LOVE!

Kylie Attwell, the Founder of A Guide for Life

I’m Kylie Attwell and I spent over four decades battling anxiety and depression. By my late twenties I’d incorporated everything that I thought would make me happy into my life: a secure and lucrative career, dream house, classic car, busy social life, designer things and heaps of ‘friends’. I was supposed to feel happy and fulfilled, right? Except I wasn’t. I felt hollow and deeply unhappy.

Being a logical person I went searching for what was ‘missing’. I changed career four times. I spent thousands of dollars on books, seminars, workshops and retreats. Yet I still felt lost and confused about what would truly make me happy. I hit rock bottom.

After searching high and low for sixteen years, I finally came across key people who helped me identify what was missing in my life; that is, a sense of purpose. Their work allowed me to uncover and live in alignment with my purpose. That’s when my life started to change for the best, dramatically and quickly.  My confidence and sense of fulfilment grew with every new step I took towards embodying my life’s purpose.

Evidence of your life’s purpose is woven all throughout your life.   The key is knowing where to look and what questions to ask yourself.  Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life uncovers the clues and the answer.

Your life purpose is a unique combination of skills, abilities, qualities and experiences that allows you to serve others in a way that only you can. In other words, your purpose is your contribution to humanity, and the reward for those courageous individuals who take on this role is an inspiring life filled with meaning, fulfilment and joy.

With so much information out there in the personal development, psychology and self-help sectors, it is difficult to determine which resources would lead to real and lasting change when seeking to improve your life circumstances.  By creating Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life I’ve done the hard work for you.

I’ve collated everything I learnt and used to uncover my life’s calling into this workbook. It offers you a clear-cut, direct path to knowing yourself and your purpose, saving you from enduring my long and expensive, trial-and-error route. I will be walking right beside you through the entire journey.

Be assured, you have everything inside of you right now to discover your purpose. All you have to do is uncover it, and I’ll show you exactly what questions to ask and where to look.

Think of this workbook as a form of ‘curriculum’ or ‘syllabus’ that teaches you HOW. It summarises why discovering your purpose is critical to living an inspiring and fulfilling life, and then outlines the activities designed to accurately identify and embrace your life’s calling – including the ‘textbooks’ required and an ‘excursion’ you’ll need to take. It provides you with the space to record your answers, reflections and feelings about what you have uncovered, and helps you to collate and process this information to gain a clear picture of your overall WHY in life.

Finding and living your purpose is the most gratifying and meaningful adventure you could ever take!  It will also elicit beneficial change in others, contributing to make the world a better place.

If you are ready to discover your life’s purpose simply follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase the workbook
  2. Download the answer sheet
  3. Complete the 5 activities
  4. Identify the common theme that emerged
  5. Build a new purpose-centred vision for your life
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“Learning the difference between purpose and passion was a game changer. Thank you!” ~ AK, Brisbane

“I found Kylie’s book really easy to follow and the exercises were a great way to capture it all so that I could reflect on it and them come back another day to refine it further.” ~ FW, Brisbane

“Thank you SO much Kylie. It seems I was already half way there without realising it. Your insights allowed me to see how my life actually IS purpose driven. I still have a way to go, but I already feel so much better. It’s amazing what a new perspective can bring.” ~ PF, Brisbane

“I have read so many books and attended countless seminars in the past but never seemed to get the result I was chasing. Everybody tells you that you need to find your purpose to be happy but not how to actually discover it for yourself. Finally I have found it! Thank you Kylie. This made a real difference.” ~ GG, Carlsbard

“Thank you for clarifying the difference between passion and purpose and the importance of knowing the difference.” ~ TG, Minnetonka

“Since reading your workbook I decided to leave my dead end job and follow my true purpose as a content curator to inspire and amuse people in the wellness sector.” ~ MH, Brisbane

“The workbook is amazing. I’ve been going through it and I love it. Your story is so inspirational. I feel like you are speaking to my soul” ~ RS, San Diego

“This workbook has helped me start to define what it is I have been missing/yearning even, namely my purpose. This book and the subsequent books that are to follow will dramatically help you find your purpose and help you find contentment in all areas of your life. This is a must-read for anyone looking to find their purpose and more importantly, how to achieve it. Thank you Kylie for having the passion and empathy to help us realise our purpose, whatever that might be.” ~ AS, London



Watch the replay of Joelle Compton in-conversation with author Kylie Attwell at the launch her workbook Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life.

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