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Imagineering Your Ultimate Future is the next critical step for building a life you LOVE!

Self-transformation facilitator, Kylie Attwell, walks you through a powerful yet easy-to-follow process of designing, building, and rehearsing an inspiring and emotionally charged life vision. This unique methodology produces the neurology needed for your brain and body to accept your vision as truth.

Why is this essential? As you become biochemically the person that you aspire to be in the inside, your outer wold automatically aligns to match your vision. Your dreams of building a life you LOVE can become your reality.

In this interactive workbook, you will learn to master the same key activities that enabled Kylie to overcome lifelong anxiety and depression to create the purpose-filled life she enjoys now. Here family, friends and clients have similarly transformed their lives using the same processes.

Think of this workbook as a unique curriculum* for transcending your existing reality.

  • Learn why building a vivid, heart-centred vision is critical for creating a life that you love.
  • Build a framework for your ‘ideal’ day an essential basis for your new life story.
  • Activate your vision and harness the power of your subconscious mind to manifest your desired future.
  • Create neurological changes that produce automated responses to make your vision a reality.
  • Overcome any anxieties, fears, doubts, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and dysfunctional behaviours holding you back.

Imagineer Your Ultimate Future provides you with the space to record and process your responses and will help you gain a clear vision of the life you truly desire – the key to bridging the gap between your current reality and the life you’ve always dreamed of.

This is the second in a series of seven workbooks in the Build a Life You Love Workbooks by Kylie Attwell, Self-Transformation Facilitator and Healer. Completing Workbook #1: Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life is not a prerequisite for this workbook. The activities contained in Imagineer Your Ultimate Future will also benefit those who wish to manifest a particular outcome, such as a loving romantic relationship, financial prosperity, improved health, weight loss, dream kitchen, right school for the kids, or the ideal pet. In fact, the processes can be adapted for any single intention, goal, desire, dream or wish.

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“This is the book of the year! It is brilliant and much fun, I can’t recommend it enough. Loooooove it!” ~ AX, Barcelona, Spain

“I’m excited to be a part of this pivotal publication and important book series. The Desire Pendant is featured in A Guide for Life‘s newest publication and it’s recommended as one of the purposeful ways to imagineer your ultimate future. Kylie Attwell‘s work is groundbreaking and essential. Hurry now to get your copy (copies) today. Read more about Kylie and her work in her posts and online. She is the ultimate guide for finding your purpose and bridging the gap between your current reality and living the life of your dreams.” ~ DW, Nashville, TN

“I have to congratulate you Kylie. I love the language and intent that you use. It’s clearly a very well thought out piece of work to get people to Imagineer their ultimate future. Thank you.” ~ JS, Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Kylie Attwell, the Founder of A Guide for Life

I’m Kylie Attwell and I spent over four decades battling anxiety and depression. By my late twenties I’d incorporated everything that I thought would make me happy into my life: a secure and lucrative career, dream house, classic car, busy social life, designer things and heaps of ‘friends’. I was supposed to feel happy and fulfilled, right? Except I wasn’t. I felt hollow and deeply unhappy.

Being a logical person I went searching for what was ‘missing’. I changed career four times. I spent thousands of dollars on books, seminars, workshops and retreats. Yet I still felt lost and confused about what would truly make me happy. I hit rock bottom.

After searching high and low for sixteen years, I finally came across key people who helped me identify what was missing in my life; that is, a sense of purpose. Their work allowed me to uncover and live in alignment with my purpose. That’s when my life started to change for the best, dramatically and quickly.  My confidence and sense of fulfilment grew with every new step I took towards embodying my life’s purpose.

If you would like to learn more about how I can support your self-transformation or want to order a signed copy of Imagineer Your Ultimate Future drop me an e-mail: kylie@aguideforlife.com

*You will be required to purchase additional resources that make completing the processes easier and more effective. There is also space to record your answers, reflections and feelings as you work your way through the material.


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