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The countdown is on for the premier screening of You Are NOT Alone: Battling Back – a feature length documentary by Peter Waterman showcasing 13 compelling stories of people confronting trauma, depression and anxiety in their lives.

You only have 15 days to secure your tickets, which are SELLING FAST. So don’t dilly-dally!

Screening Details
The Elizabeth Picture Theatre
175 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane City Q 4000
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Thursday 15th June, 2023

Purchase tickets
$12.50 (including Booking Fee)

Hope to see you there!

With love,

Kylie Xoxo


“You Are Not Alone (YANA) is film solely produced by Peter Waterman. It documents a series of personal journeys told in a very digestible story telling format of people dealing with the often not talked about enough struggles they faced when dealing with mental health and wellbeing. YANA is not a sterile documentary using impersonal medical terms to explain the human mind and condition. It includes interviews of real people telling relateable stories,: people openly sharing their deeply personal experiences, feelings and their journeys of how they navigated through, in their individual ways, to ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’. Although YANA deals with some quite confronting material, Peter has defty woven it into a 90 minute montage of themed stories with positive messages that make for very engaging and enlightening viewing. Having said that, viewer discretion is advised. Peter Waterman is a teacher (retired), celebrant and accomplished storyteller, and now through the medium of video, talented film maker. By the making of YANA, he has effectively immortalised stories and important messages that would have otherwise been lost or left untold.” ~ NO, Brisbane

“I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend Peter’s documentary ’You Are Not Alone’. Peter shows a practiced hand at revealing what ails those who suffer from anxieties and various forms of depression and the documentary reveals heartbreaking stories which culminate in real emotional highs as the various speakers show how they overcome their difficulties. It presents a really important message that those who suffer from such difficulties will really draw encouragement and direction from as well as informing the casual interested viewer further on this issue. Well done to Peter and to those who bravely shared their inspirational stories and insights into this issue.” ~ JW, Brisbane

“It is a truly great film. My wife and I have discussed it a few times since seeing it. Well done – loved it – what else can I say? Magnificent!” ~ RS, Brisbane

“A wonderful movie launch last night. I was quite astounded at the quality of the final product on a big screen considering that you made this independently and without the input from a large team. Great content approached with depth, care, sensitivity and love; amazingly well done.” ~ WH, Brisbane

“Greatest impact on me? The younger dark haired lady was the most powerful for me mainly due to her well detailed search for solutions to match her issues. An ‘intellectual searcher’ proactively finding published self-help materials, courses etc. Where as the other were more casually and reactively roaming.” ~ Interviewee, DS, Brisbane

“Than you so much for sharing your story…life changing for many in so many ways…” ~ PV, Brisbane


In October 2023 You Are NOT Alone: Battling Back was selected to be screened at the 6th Canberra Mental Health International Film Festival. To find out more, visit the Festival’s Facebook Page or Instagram Account.


Missed the premier or festival screening? You Are NOT Alone: Battling Back can now be viewed on YouTube for free. Watch and share with those whom you feel could benefit.

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