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Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life: A Guide for Uncovering Your Life’s Calling to
Create a Joyous, Fulfilling and Meaningful Life

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Discovering your life purpose is the crucial first step to building a life that you LOVE!

If you’ve been struggling to identify your life purpose, find meaning and direction in your life or gain traction in your career, you’ll love this workbook!

Kylie Attwell shares her journey of a lifelong battle with depression, yo-yoing between careers and ending up almost broke on all levels to now joyfully living on purpose by following the steps contained within this workbook. Using this methodology Kylie’s clients are now also fulfilling their life purpose.

Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life is a unique curriculum* that walks you through activities specifically designed to accurately identify and embrace your life’s calling. Based on the latest research and methodologies of world-renowned career and human behavioural specialists, the prescribed activities (only five!) take you on a journey deep within to uncover:

  • what you truly value
  • who you aspire to be
  • the themes of your life purpose
  • your unique gifts and abilities
  • where you are already naturally expressing your calling.

You may be surprised to discover more about yourself than you ever thought!

You’ll also learn the difference between purpose and passion and the consequences of mistaking a passion for your purpose. Most importantly, you’ll learn to discern what it feels like when you have finally tapped into your life purpose.

Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life provides you with the space to record and process your answers, reflections and feelings about what you have uncovered, helping you to gain a clear picture of your overall WHY in life – the ultimate key to living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

This is the first in a series of seven workbooks in the Build a Life You Love Workbooks by Kylie Attwell, Self-Transformation Facilitator and Healer. Available at www.aguideforlife.com

*Similar to most curriculums that require you to invest in textbooks or excursions relating to the course work, you will need to purchase a couple of valuable resources to complete all the activities in Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life.


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