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Our stress and suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within us. It is an invisible epidemic that makes us miserable and is the source of many of our illnesses and problems.

I’m yet to meet a client who doesn’t have any trapped emotions.

Effect of trapped emotions

Trapped emotions influence our emotional, mental and physical health. They underpin our fears, doubts, depression, anxiety, negative self-talk and panic attacks. They cause us to make the wrong assumptions, overreact to innocent remarks and misinterpret behaviour. They can interfere with the proper function of our organs and tissues, causing pain, fatigue and illness. Despite the presence of such physical symptoms, trapped emotions can remain undiagnosed by conventional medicine, due to there being no evidence of physical disease.

Our emotional baggage also creates conflict in our relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and romantic partners. They cause us to self-sabotage and inhibit our success in many areas of life including our vocational goals. They also block our personal growth and development and limit our awareness, perception and consciousness.

Worse still, when you have emotional energy trapped in your body, you continue to attract more of that emotion into your life and also tend to feel that emotion more readily, until you have processed and released the emotion.

For example, if part of your body is vibrating at the frequency of anger due to a trapped emotion, you may draw people into your life that act out your frustration and anger on your behalf, often directing their anger and frustration at you. Alternatively, you may even attract situations that rouse your own anger.

It is for this reason that sometimes people don’t understand why they get ticked off so easily, or why they can’t shake certain emotions. It’s often because the very emotion they are struggling with is trapped within them, from a past experience they scarcely remember.

Alleviate your emotional turmoil and restore your physical health

Life does not have to be this way. When we let go of our emotional baggage, our emotional turmoil and the havoc in our lives ceases and our physical health is restored.

The most widely recognised way to process painful negative emotions is to feel into the emotion until you feel some sort of emotional release. However, I’ve found this method extremely ineffective for processing traumatic or intensely emotional events. Instead of experiencing relief, I found myself drowning in the emotion.

In fact, the more I attempted to feel into the emotion the more I seemed to reinforce the intensity of the trauma. When using this method, I found it extremely difficult to ignore the thoughts associated with the feeling, as instructed.  

Our thoughts are intrinsically intertwined with the feelings that accompany traumatic events and every time I attempted to process my emotions using this method, I ended up reliving the graphic details of the trauma. The most damaging part was that the associated thoughts continued to replay in my mind like a stuck record. Instead of creating healing, I unknowingly opened up the old wound again.

Furthermore, because I hadn’t fully processed the painful emotions I was experiencing long after the traumatic event, I subsequently attracted circumstances and situations that caused me to re-experience the emotion. The result? Re-traumatising myself, deepening the wound and more emotional scarring.

Release your emotional baggage quickly and painlessly

I’ve discovered there is a much gentler, kinder and more effective way to release your emotional baggage that only takes a few minutes per trapped emotion. The best news of all? Once a trapped emotion is released it is gone for good and that is when your life begins to change for the better.

The process I use on both myself and my clients is The Emotion Code, founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This modality has not only allowed me to release hundreds and hundreds of trapped emotions from my own body, as an Emotion Code Practitioner, I’ve been able to assist my clients achieve emotional freedom for themselves as well.

Speaking from personal experience, every time I do this work on myself I feel lighter and gain more relief. It feels like a weight I was unknowingly carrying has suddenly been removed or an inner pressure has been released. These feelings have been replaced with increased happiness, joy and freedom.  

Because I feel differently, I no longer attract unhealthy relationships or the types of unwanted circumstances that have haunted me in past. I’m also less likely to react when others intentionally or unintentionally push my buttons or when I find myself in a difficult situations. Instead, my new found sense of calm allows me to think more clearly and respond more effectively when challenges arise.

I’ve found that I’m also able to be more present because I am no longer worried about what might happen in the future. Prior to releasing my emotional baggage, I was constantly analysing the traumatic events from my past in order to develop strategies to protect myself from experiencing pain, embarrassment or failure in the future.

I now rarely think about the events from my past. If I do, rather than being trapped in the role of the victim, I am now more of an observer of the circumstance. I can still feel the emotion, but it no longer dominates my life or controls me. The sting has gone and the memory of the event is no longer painful.

For me, no other emotional release process has had such a profound impact. Other processes I’ve used have definitely given me some relief for a brief period of time, however, they have not resulted in the complete healing my emotional wounds. As a result of The Emotion Code, I now have no residual scarring. My negative self-talk has been replaced by more uplifting inner dialogue, intuitive insights and inspirational ideas.

Not sure if you have a trapped emotion? 

The following list includes circumstances that often result in emotional baggage:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Divorce or relationship problems
  • Financial hardship
  • Home or work stress
  • Miscarriage or abortion
  • Physical or emotional trauma
  • Physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse
  • Negative self-talk
  • Self-limiting beliefs about yourself or others
  • Long-term stress
  • Any form of rejection
  • Physical illness
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Internalisation of feelings
  • Neglect or abandonment

This list is by no means all-inclusive. The only way to know whether you have trapped emotions is to ask the subconscious mind, which I can do using muscle testing. If you do have a trapped emotion and your subconscious mind communicates that it is safe and appropriate for it to be released, I then use a form of magnetic therapy to release the trapped emotion.

Booking Details

If you feel like your life could benefit from an Emotional Spring Clean, I’d be more than happy to assist you. Because of the skills I have developed and the process I use, I can work remotely with clients located anywhere in the world. This means that when I perform your session you can carry on with your daily life as per usual – go to work, make dinner, pick the kids up from school, play tennis or attend a concert. This makes it extremely convenient for those who lead very busy lives or for those that can’t visit my clinic in person. However, if you prefer to work with me in person you can also visit me at my clinic in Brisbane, Australia.

To book your Emotional Spring Clean e-mail me or call me on +61 410 564 000.

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