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I first encountered Dr. John Demartini, the human behavioural specialist, when I was attending a personal development event where he was the keynote speaker. His core message? The key to living an inspired and fulfilling life is through living a life centred around your highest values.

Inspired and determined to discover my highest values, I immediately went home and worked through the Demartini Value Determination Process, which I downloaded from Demartini’s website.

The Demartini Value Determination Process consists of a series of thirteen questions, designed to elicit what you truly value most; what inspires you, who you are and what your true purpose is. It is what I would call a self-excavation process which resulted in the realisation of what my focus in life should be.

Dr. John Demartini’s work influenced Chapter 1 of My Story.



Dr. John Demartini’s work on values acted as a code-breaker for discovering who I am and how I can contribute to the world.

Prior to coming across Dr John Demartini’s work, for some reason I had mistaken values for morals. I thought values determined what you stood for in life, in terms of how you treat other people. Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks this way. According to Dr Demartini, when most people are asked what ‘their values’ are, they list abstract qualities such as honesty, integrity and trust. Or they refer to a set of religious beliefs, a patriotic ideal, or a code of morality. These are what he calls social idealisms: socially acceptable ways of thinking and behaving.

Your values, Demartini says, are the things that you hold in high regard. They are tangible things that inspire, energise and excite you.  Things that you are passionate about.  Things that you enjoy thinking about, and will happily put your time and energy into, and spend money on.

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Demartini helped me understand that your highest values reflect who you really are and are the key to unlocking your ‘calling’. Your values, he says, are as unique to you as your fingerprints.

Demartini believes that the world needs many different individuals, each with a unique set of values. Your unique purpose, he says, is to understand and fulfil your highest values. It is both a spiritual quest and the key to a fulfilling life.

According to Demartini, my dissatisfaction with life and my depression, was due to living a life which was completely out of alignment with my highest values. The key to turning my life around, he advised, was through understanding my highest values and using those values to achieve meaningful goals.

The Demartini Value Determination Process assisted me in discovering the things in life that are the most meaningful to me.  Completing his process only took me a couple of hours, however it marked a major turning point in my life. Answering a series of thirteen questions about my core behaviours and passions, as honestly as I could, led me to see a common theme emerging.  Clarity at last!

What was consistent across every single one of my answers was the need to find life’s meaning and to help others live their fullest potential.  Deep down I knew this was my main driving force and the actions I’d taken throughout my life validated it. However, it was the act of completing this exercise that gave me the validation, permission and confidence to begin exploring ways in which I could build a life centred around the things I was naturally drawn to and inspired by.

Understanding my highest values has made decision making easy. Living according to these values has given my life purpose and meaning.

Since I completed the Demartini Value Determination Process (via his website), Demartini has released a book titled, The Values FactorThis book is his most comprehensive work to date about his concept of values.  He gives examples of how historical geniuses lived in accordance with their values in order to achieve their highest calling and offers methods on how to integrate these notions into your life.


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