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I was having my first ‘energy healing’ in 2001, when the practitioner introduced me to the notion that the universe, spirit, our guides (or whatever you like to call them) are guiding, directing and communicating with us all the time.

Their messages, she said, come in the form of signs and symbols. It’s simply a matter of becoming aware of the messages and discerning their meaning so you can apply this information to your life.

This made me want to have my own dialogue with the universe. When I asked how I could learn more about this fascinating topic, the practitioner recommended Denise Linn’s work. Specifically, her book Signposts – How to interpret the coincidences and symbols in your life.

Reading Signposts was my first foray into the realm of metaphysics and spirituality.

At the time, I didn’t have the knowledge or wisdom to fully comprehend or successfully apply the powerful information contained within the pages of this book. However, Denise Linn’s work inspired my quest for more knowledge.

Over the next fourteen years I devoured all of Linn’s books as well as countless others I found in the psychology, self-help and mind-body-spirit sections of my local bookstore. I also purchased related audio products and attended seminars, workshops and events. Denise became one of my favourite teachers, along with a few others.

Then in 2015, I had the opportunity to meet Denise in person when I travelled to the United States to attend an event called Celebrate Your Life.

While I was exploring the event organiser’s website, I discovered a post-event journey to Sedona being led by Denise Linn that was only open to a limited number of Celebrate Your Life attendees.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d had a brief stopover in Sedona when I’d travelled to the United States in 2012. I recall being mesmerised by the beauty of Sedona’s mysterious landscape. I resonated with the energy there. I thought it would be an amazing place to experience a workshop or a retreat with Denise and made a promise to return if the opportunity ever arose. Here was my chance. I was thrilled!

My Sedona Journey with Denise Linn was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Her work has influenced Chapters 3, 4, 5 & 6 of My Story.



I knew that if I wanted to change my day-to-day reality I needed to do the inner work prescribed by the teachers I feature here on this website. As a result, my focus was on creating an inner shift through becoming mindful of my thoughts, practising emotional self-management and reprogramming my subconscious mind using the belief change processes I’d studied.

However, it was Denise Linn who emphasised the importance of creating change from the ‘outside in’, in addition to the ‘inside out’.

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Like my other teachers, Denise believes that everything in our physical world reflects our inner being. The visible signs surrounding us are symbols of our invisible world, she says. In every moment of your life you are walking in a ‘forest of symbols’ which are constantly reflecting your personal reality.

According to Denise, objects are invested with symbolism, and can be used to trigger change in our lives. She believes that if you want to change your personal reality you can change the signs around you and this creates an energy template. By doing so, she says, you radiate out to the universe that which you desire to create in your life. This action helps solidify what you wish to create.

For example, she says, if you want to feel deep inner peace, surround yourself with signs that symbolise deep inner peace to you. If the signs for peace include the white dove, the colour blue and the moon, then placing representations of these items in your home and in your environment will assist in achieving that state.

Denise helped me understand that by cleaning up and customising my environment, I was, in fact, creating a new energy pattern or template that would penetrate deep into my subconscious and help reprogram my subconscious mind.

She encouraged me to surround myself with both signs and symbols that represented the quality of person I wished to become and the type of life I wanted to experience. By doing so, the energy pattern of my inner being would begin to change and life would literally begin to respond to match the new energy I was projecting.

She says, every object in your home, every activity you participate in and the people you surround yourself with will either increase or decrease your energy level. Or it will have a neutral effect – neither expanding nor diminishing your energy.

Denise believes that clearing clutter has a direct effect on your psyche and is one of the fastest ways to completely transform your life. When you eliminate the things in your life that impede your energy flow, your health flourishes, your abundance levels increase and relationships improve.

It’s not just your environment that creates a powerful energy template. According to Denise, what you wear can be an effective tool for communicating and affirming, internally to your subconscious mind and externally to the world at large, the type of person you desire to become.

When your clothes make you look downtrodden and depressed, she says, you will encounter circumstances in your life that will make you feel even more despondent. Experimenting with your clothing style will help you experience other ways of being in the world.

She believes that it’s better to have several perfect outfits than an entire closet full of clothes that don’t honour and express the way you perceive yourself. People look more beautiful when they wear clothes that are suited to their bodies and personalities. Beauty, she says, creates harmony. When this is the case, you will feel at ease and seem to glow.

I was far from glowing or feeling at ease. I was working in a high anxiety deadline driven job that I didn’t enjoy. My love life was non existent. I was living in a cold, dark house that flooded every time it rained. Rising damp infected the walls and my furniture with mould. As a result I’d developed a hacking cough that wouldn’t go away.

I was desperate to change my experience of life. I had already begun putting the inner work into practise. However, Denise Linn’s work was the breakthrough I needed.

She helped me understand that if I wanted to change my personal reality I also needed to consciously alter my outer environment. This allowed me to create a new energy template that was in alignment with the quality of person I wanted to become and the type of life I wanted to live.

I didn’t have a lot of surplus cash which meant that a radical change such as quitting my job or renovating my home was out of the question. Fortunately, this wasn’t necessary. According to Denise, simply making small changes in your home can have a big effect on your life.

I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Determined to change my day-to-day reality, I began putting Denise Linn’s methodologies into practise and started the outer work by communicating my needs and desires to the universe.

I started by eliminating the things from my life that no longer served me. I donated and gave away objects that didn’t reflect me or harboured bad memories. I handed on clothes that weren’t flattering or were uncomfortable to wear. I stopped doing things out of guilt and participating in activities that I didn’t enjoy. I minimised the time spent with people who didn’t make me feel good about myself.

Choosing what to keep was determined by the way an object made me feel. For example, I held on to outfits that I loved wearing because they made me feel beautiful and confident. I kept gifts, photographs, ornaments and knick knacks that were meaningful to me and made me smile. Any furniture, artwork, and bits and bobs with character were also keepers.

Next, I began customising my space and the things in it. I cleaned, tidied and reorganised my home. I began using precious items I’d packed away for safekeeping. I added a few plants and pictures to reflect my love of nature and travel.

When it came to purchasing new items for my house and wardrobe, I took my time and was discerning with my selections. For example, rather than being a slave to fashion I selected garments that suited my body type, complemented my complexion, were elegant but edgy to match my personality, and made me feel confident and stylish. I opted for furniture and homewares that were unique, timeless, made of quality materials and solid in construction.

I found that I was drawn to pieces that were lovingly handmade by artists over those that were mass produced in sweatshops. I favoured natural and organic materials versus those that were synthetic or faux. I chose functional, clever design over that which was fashionable, flashy or gimmicky. For me, craftsmanship guaranteed durability and longevity.

I discovered that making radical change to my life, such as changing careers or spending lots of money on remodelling my entire home, wasn’t necessary in order to create significant and lasting change I’m my life. I realised that by investing in quality pieces that I loved and making small yet effective changes to shift the way I felt about my environment was the key to trigging significant change in my life.

I found that by decluttering my environment my anxiety, overwhelm and depression lifted. As a result, I could think more clearly and developed more of a sense of myself. I discovered too that the more I organised and personalised my space the less chaotic my life became. I no longer felt the need to rush through things. Instead, I was more inclined to take my time and complete tasks properly and thoroughly.  As a result, my energy is more focused and directed. I now accomplish things effortlessly and joyfully.




It was through reading Denise Linn’s book, Signposts – How to interpret the coincidences and symbols in your life, that I first began to understand how beliefs, particularly our subconscious beliefs, control our experience of life and the way our day-to-day reality unfolds.

Denise defines a belief as: a thought or a perception that you consider to be a fact or a reality about life. Beliefs, she says, have a very powerful influence because they determine the way you think, feel and behave. What you believe literally creates your life circumstances, she says.

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According to Denise, our core beliefs originate from our early childhood when our critical faculties are not advanced enough to reject negative programming. It is at this stage of our development, she explains, that our subconscious accepts the programming we receive and these beliefs become part of who we are.

This subconscious programming, she says, directs how we see the world around us and prescribes the way others see and treat us.  Denise feels that our core beliefs are embedded into our personal energy field and act as magnets, pulling to us situations and people that match our subconscious beliefs. It is our subconscious beliefs, she says, that specifically dictate the quality of life.

We all have conscious and subconscious beliefs about ourselves and life around us, she explains. However, they can be at odds with one another. In other words, we consciously might think we believe something, yet unbeknownst to us at a subconscious level we actually believe something very different.

Denise suggested that if I wasn’t sure of what I subconsciously believed all I needed to do was to take a look at my life. Your life, she says, is an absolute projection of what you subconsciously accepted to be true about yourself and life.

I didn’t need to look very far or scratch the surface too deeply to find evidence of where my conscious and subconscious beliefs were out of alignment with one another.

One glaringly obvious example was the renovation of my home. I knew exactly what I wanted my house to look like in terms of layout and design. I’d also worked hands on in the construction and architectural industry and was aware of what design details and finishes were achievable.

However, I’d had various tradespeople carry out work for me and despite providing each with a detailed briefing (including supplying a video of the exact security screens I wanted in one instance) the end result was very disappointing. Somehow the design details and quality of craftsmanship got lost in translation every time.

Not knowing then what I know now about subconscious beliefs, I assumed the problem was that we simply had different tastes and opinions or I hadn’t provided enough information about what I wanted.

My solution to achieving what I knew to be possible was to engage an architect who came highly recommended by a friend with extensive renovating experience. The plan was that the architect would translate my ideas into technical drawings and supervise the construction process.

Rather than focusing on price, when it came to selecting a builder and engineer I even went so far as to chose contractors who had an existing working relationship with the architect.

Prior to commencing any building work, I also had a lawyer friend (who specialised in the construction industry) carry out the appropriate licence checks and look over the building contract before signing it.

I’d heard the renovating horror stories but I honestly thought this time I’d done the homework and due diligence. How could I possibly go wrong?!

Despite all my efforts to control the outcome and create the home of my dreams my renovation didn’t get past stage one and ended in a legal battle. Almost exactly the same scenario played out as it had with the previous contractors, but this time it was on a much larger scale, involving a lot more money.

I felt devastated and was utterly confused.

Denise Linn’s work helped me understand and recognise that something much deeper was going on that I wasn’t consciously aware of. She helped me identify that although I’d done all the right things and knew at a logical level it was possible to renovate my home the way I desired, my subconscious beliefs pointed to a different reality.

Her teachings revealed that subconsciously I believed I couldn’t trust or rely on others. I needed to do everything myself. People didn’t understand or get me. My needs weren’t important. I wasn’t worthy of having what I wanted, especially the home of my dreams.

I realised that this theme wasn’t just associated with renovating my home. It was a common thread running throughout my entire life. It was also evident in my relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and romantic partners.

Denise says, generally, we aren’t aware of our subconscious beliefs because they are so deep seated. It was important that I identified these beliefs and reprogrammed them because I couldn’t afford, emotionally or financially, to let them continue to rule my life.

I was now unemployed and up to my eyeballs in debt. I was living in a cold, damp, dark house filled with shattered dreams following the ending of my marriage. Desperate to change my circumstances, I began diligently reprogramming my subconscious mind using the belief change processes outlined in Chapter 5 of My Story.

Within a couple of months of doing the belief change work, my emotional state of being shifted significantly and it had nothing to do with my external environment as my physical surroundings and personal circumstance hadn’t changed. I was no longer plagued by fears, doubts, insecurities, feelings of guilt and negative self-talk. Instead, I consistently felt a sense inner calm and joyousness. I was more present and noticed the beauty that life had to offer in the day-to-day little things, which I’d been oblivious to in the past. I even began to feel optimistic about my future again.

However, despite the significant inner shift I’d experienced, I realised that my house was still triggering me. Denise claims that what many people don’t realise is that when you release a negative habit, addiction or pattern, it is essential to change your environment. Otherwise, she says, you have a tendency to easily fall back into older, more established behaviour patterns. Simply seeing the same arrangements of furniture and other familiar objects can ignite memories and associations which affect behaviour.

I found it challenging to wake up (or return home) to an environment that required considerable structural work before any transformational cosmetic changes could be carried out. No amount of belief change or emotional release work seemed to elevate the pessimism and dread I felt when I thought about renovating. Regardless of my best efforts to remain emotionally buoyant about my situation, deep down I felt helpless and trapped.

I considered my options. Renting my home so that I could live somewhere else for awhile wasn’t plausible as my house wouldn’t meet safety regulations without significant renovations. Nor could I afford to leave it empty and rent somewhere else.

I also thought about selling. However, I knew my home would never bring its true value even if it was marketed as a renovators dream.

Even if I could face starting the renovation process again, I didn’t have the funds to do so.

Fortunately, Denise’s work provided me with the breakthrough I needed. She showed me how to make small changes to my home that had a big effect on my life.

Denise believes that it’s possible to change your personal reality, by consciously changing the energy template of your environment. The process is quite simple and entails surrounding yourself with signs that represent the quality of person you which to become and the type of changes you’d like to occur in your life.

Clearing clutter, she says, has a direct effect on your psyche and is one of the fastest ways to completely transform your life. So I started there. I decluttered my home, gave away any objects that harboured bad memories and then cleaned, tidied and reorganised my space as described in the section above.

To shift my beliefs about not being able to trust or rely on others, Denise suggested that I surround myself with photos of people who I knew loved, supported and believed in me.

These simple actions were enough to begin a shift in how I felt about my home and changed my luck when it came to renovating.

I’ll be honest, my renovation is still far from being finished. However, the building work I’ve had completed since I put Denise’s methodologies into practise met the standards and quality I’d envisioned was possible. Not only that, the tradespeople carrying out this work were a pleasure to deal with. They were courteous, turned up on time, understood and interpreted the design brief correctly and went out of they way to achieve my desired end result.

What has been most astounding to me is the circumstances which resulted in the work being carried out. Let me briefly explain.

A large storm damaged my roof resulting in it being replaced along with the ceiling in my living area. All of which was covered by insurance. Around the same time, a friend’s mother who had been on the hunt for ornate light fittings, fell in love with the ones I was planning to replace and offered to buy them from me. Her timing was perfect. This allowed me to purchase the new lights I’d had my eye on for some time and have them installed as part of the insurance work.

My good fortune didn’t stop there. Work to replace the weather boards on my dormer windows was also covered under insurance.

Essentially, I was gifted a new roof and weather boards for my dormer windows, as well as a new freshly painted ceiling and the light fittings I’d been dreaming of.




For as long as I could remember I lived life based on logic and reason. My decisions and choices were well thought out, sensible, practical and responsible. However, this strategy wasn’t working for me. I found that my intentions rarely unfolded the way I’d hoped even when I’d actioned backup plans B, C and D.

After years of trial and error, I still couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. What I found most baffling was that some things just seemed to fall into place easily, but others didn’t, regardless of how much planning, effort and strategising I did. I felt confused, frustrated and disheartened. It got to the point that I was terrified of making a decision on my own.

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Then, in 2001, I was recommended Denise Linn’s book, Signposts – How to interpret the coincidences and symbols in your life. This book introduced me to the notion that there is a higher intelligence that governs life. It’s constantly communicating with us, lovingly guiding and directing us through the use of personal messages sent to us in the form of ‘signs’.

According to Denise, we are surrounded by these messages in both our waking lives and our dreams, whether we are conscious of it or not. She explains that fundamentally there are two types of signs – messenger and reflection signs.

Messenger signs, she says, are direct messages from spirit about our spiritual development. Their purpose is to give us insight and understanding about relationships and situations in our lives. Denise says that messenger signs usually come in the form of gentle nudges. Learning to recognised these messages can bring more balance and harmony to your life.

Reflection signs, on the other hand, reflect our consciousness, Denise explains. Everything around us, every situation we encounter, every experience we have provides us with clues as to what our subconscious mind believes to be true about life.

I’d been oblivious of the messages that life, the universe, spirit and my guides (or whatever you’d like to call this higher intelligence) were sending me. Denise’s work helped me begin to see that I was in the habit of ploughing right over any of life’s warning signs telling me not to go in a particular direction or that the timing wasn’t quite right.

In order to become aware of the signs I was being sent, Denise suggested that I slow down, relax my mind and get quiet. Then, she says, watch and listen to what your outer world is telling you.

Relaxing the mind, Denise says, is an important part of the process, otherwise the outcome you desire can influence your interpretation of the sign you receive.

Keen to develop a dialogue with this intelligent force, I was diligent about putting her methodologies into practise. Over time I learnt to identify and interpret the signs I received.

For me, messages from spirit come in the form of horses, owls, rainbows, butterflies, heart shaped rocks and feathers. Particularly, guinea fowl feathers. Each sign has personal significance and they appear as confirmation that I’m on the right track, I’ve made a choice that is best for my wellbeing or I’m being supported when preparing to assert my needs in a situation that I find challenging. I find these signs very comforting.

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m on the right path, everything seems to come together with little effort and flows smoothly. I realise now that whenever the flow ceases, it’s either not the right time, I need more information or something else needs to occur first. It can even mean it’s not the right direction to take.

Denise Linn’s work on reflection signs provided me with a powerful tool for changing my life circumstances and how I felt about myself.

For example, as a result of her teachings I’ve now discerned that my subconscious beliefs are being mirrored back to me whenever unwanted scenarios repeatedly play out in my life, or I’m fearful of a particular situation occurring, or I become extremely annoyed, frustrated and upset by another person’s behaviour.

She has also helped me to recognise that my admiration of another person’s attributes, talents or strengths is evidence of my ‘unowned’ personal qualities. When we admire or envy another, this projection points to our own self limiting beliefs.

Understanding how reflection signs work allowed me to identify my subconscious beliefs so I could reprogram them (using the belief change processes outlined in Chapter 5 of My Story). By doing so, I observed a significant shift in my self-perception and experience of life.

For example, I am now more accepting and loving towards myself and others. People also treat me differently. They are kinder and more respectful, appreciative and supportive.

I also began to notice a shift in the way I perceived romantic relationships. For example, I found myself drawn to movies in which the bond between the lead characters was unbreakable. Then, I started to meet and become friends with couples that genuinely loved, adored and respected one another. I observed too, that the longer they’d been together the stronger the love between them.

I found the more I took notice of the examples presented to me and I embraced them as evidence I, too, could experience something similar. It was then that my love life shifted.


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