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Derek Rydall's Impact on my Life

I first came across Derek Rydall’s work in mid 2013. I was feeling particularly depressed at that time. I’d recently worked through Dr John Demartini’s Values Determination Process and identified my highest values (refer to My Story – Chapter 1). I understood that I would be much happier if I was living a life centred around my highest values, but I didn’t know what practical steps to take.

Hoping to alleviate my depression, I enrolled in the Emotional Releasing Summit, hosted by Marianne Strait and produced by Live Big Media. The Emotional Releasing Summit is a series of interviews with emotional release experts and Derek Rydall was one of them. The topic – The End of Self Improvement.

During his interview Derek discussed why he believed most ‘personal development’ programs don’t work or can even make things worse.  His theory is that they can leave you feeling broken and wounded. That self improvement work can feel like you are digging yourself out of a big hole, only to find that you are getting deeper and deeper in the hole.

What really caught my attention was his statement ‘If you are looking outside of yourself for something that is missing you will never find it.’ Derek explained that when you do something from a belief that something is missing, you have an underlying belief of ‘I am not enough’ and that is what the universe gives you more of.

His theories really resonated with me as this had been exactly my experience. For over a decade I had searched to find what was ‘missing’. I’d tried one program after the next and they hadn’t given me the results that I was looking for. If anything I felt worse. I knew exactly why I was so ‘screwed up’. But no matter how hard I tried, I was still repeating the same old patterns over and over again. I couldn’t see a way out of the ‘hole’ I was in.

Derek’s work has been instrumental to me understanding the journey I am on and providing me with a practical plan and tools to integrate my highest values into my day-to-day existence.

Derek Rydall’s work has influenced Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of My Story.



Working through Derek Rydall’s material allowed me to finally comprehend why my life appeared to be falling apart. He taught me that life is designed to ‘betray’ you whenever you make something or someone outside of you your source. I learnt that there is an intelligent life force within me that is my real source of power and security. That all the answers to what I was looking for lay within.

Derek showed me where to look and what questions to ask myself to tap into this inner intelligence. I saw evidence of it everywhere, woven all through the fabric of my life. (Both his Soul Purpose Blueprint and Total Life Emergence program’s break this process down step-by-step.)

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Derek reaffirmed much of what I learnt from Dr. John Demartini’s work on ‘values’. He encouraged me to identify my burning desires so that I could discover who I really was and what was most meaningful to me. His Reading Your Soul Purpose Signs exercise in his Total Life Emergence program gave me another approach to uncovering and discovering who I really am and why I am alive; allowing me to develop an even deeper understanding of myself.




Derek Rydall taught me that my burning desires were not something that I had to ‘go out and get’ or ‘make happen’. Instead, I just needed to create the right conditions, both internally and in my physical life.

I learnt that one of the most critical steps in creating the right conditions was to develop a ‘vision’ for what I desired in my life and the quality of person I wanted to be.

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I’d heard from other teachers that ‘intention’ is important to achieving your goals or manifesting your desires. But it was Derek who allowed me to understand that ‘intention’ is not enough. He explained that ‘intention’ will provide you with the direction to move towards. However, when faced with your greatest obstacles or challenges, it will be your ‘vision’ that will give you the momentum to overcome your fears, doubts, patterns and old beliefs.

He explained that it would actually be easier for me to achieve my deepest desires, than something that I just think that I want! I learnt that there is more ‘juice’ when you think about what inspires, rather than what would be nice. It’s the old analogy of being interested vs. being committed.

He encouraged me to create a ‘vision’ that really excited me. That would really make my heart sing. Something that my ‘ideal self’ would do if I had all the resources, skills, talents and support I needed.

Derek taught me that what it ‘looked’ like wasn’t as important as how it ‘felt’ when I visualised living it. He explained that it is ‘feeling’ and ‘emotion’ that activates the ‘vision’. I learnt that it is the ‘feeling’ in my body that is the key to activating the universal force that will assist me in living this life.  He encouraged me to ‘re-live’ and ‘feel’ into my vision every day.

Derek’s Total Life Emergence program provided me with the information I needed to develop a clear & ‘juicy’ vision for my life. I used his Visualisation Vibration Radiation Meditation daily, to evoke the feelings of living my ‘vision’.




Derek Rydall taught me that having a ‘vision’ wasn’t enough. He explained that I also needed to be both emotionally and energetically aligned with my vision to fully activate it.

Derek suggests that most of your day-to-day habits and routines, are unconscious coping mechanisms and strategies. These behaviours are based on survival and fear, and are not in alignment with your highest values. He encouraged me to engineer a life that fully expressed the ‘real’ me, to support fulfilling my vision.

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His Living in the Feeling Tone (LIFT) practice, from this Total Life Emergence program, provides assistance to bridge the gap between the life you dream of living and the life you are currently living.

This practice helped me to assess my life and take an inventory of the things, situations, events and people that caused me to lose energy. I was then able to identify, discover and incorporate real and tangible objects, activities, places and people into my life, which were in alignment with my highest values.

In this work Derek recommends that you eliminate or change relationships with the people, places, activities and objects that don’t serve you. He encourages you to review your daily and weekly routine and intentionally schedule time in nurturing environments, activities you really enjoy, and socialise with people who inspire and support you.

Derek’s warning that ‘old stuff’ would re-emerge as you move towards your vision, is very apt. Negative thoughts, painful emotions and physical symptoms did arise for me. However Derek explained that such responses were a normal part of the process, and would resolve in due course. He advises that you be gentle, patient and loving with yourself, and to work with the emotions that arise rather than suppress them.

He encouraged me to continue with the ‘uplifting’ practices, regardless of what my mind was saying or how erratic my emotions became, no matter what physical symptoms arose* or what the world was throwing at me. These practices allowed me begin to activating my ‘inner power’, and to do so at will. I was reprogramming my subconscious mind. Which, he explained, takes time and discipline.

*If you are experiencing any emotional or physical symptoms it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your doctor or another relevant health care professional.




Derek Rydall’s work taught me that in my search to find what was ‘missing’ I had tried to change the world around me, but that fundamentally my consciousness was still the same.

His view is that when you do something from a belief that something is missing (or a premise that something is lacking), the underlying energy, belief and intention is ‘I’m not enough’, ‘I don’t have enough’, ‘life isn’t enough’ and ‘it’s not working’. You are coming from an underlying belief that ‘something is missing’, and that is the energetic pattern that is being activated and that is what the universe gives you more of.

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Derek taught me that if wanted to change my experience of the world then I needed to change from within. He explained that my negative thoughts and self-talk, painful emotions and physical symptoms were indications of my subconscious beliefs. I learnt that key to begin reprogramming my subconscious beliefs was through consciously aligning my thoughts, conversations, actions and inner feeling tone with the quality of person I wished to be.

Derek suggested that I if I wanted to create more abundance in my life, I needed to ask myself – Are they the thoughts, emotions and actions of an abundant person? How would an abundant person think, feel and act? He encouraged me to ‘act as if’ I was already abundant. To ‘act as if’ I was already successful. (‘Abundance’ is an example – for you it might be love, worth, health etc).


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