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I came across Rob Williams as a direct result of studying Dr. Bruce Lipton‘s work. After reading Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, I listened to Lipton’s YouTube lecture The Biology of Perception

Lipton asserts that beliefs are powerful shapers of the way our lives unfold, and discusses processes that have proven to be effective in changing limiting beliefs – for example personal development and psychotherapy techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Theta Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

PSYCH-K, is a process of this type, developed by psychotherapist Rob Williams, which Lipton says changed his life.

In the YouTube lecture, Lipton was followed by Rob Williams’ lecture, The Psychology of Change. In this presentation Williams described his frustration working with conventional therapy methods in his private practice. He found that ‘talk-therapy’ seldom changed dysfunctional behaviours, nor substantially altered people’s lives for the better.

After many years of undertaking therapy myself, I agreed with  Williams’ findings. I had become very familiar with the patterns that were playing out in my life, and my self-sabotaging behaviours. At times I even sounded like a psychologist, I’d done that much ‘work’ on myself. But no matter how hard I tried to ‘change myself’, I kept repeating the same old patterns over and over again.

Williams found the level of effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of conventional therapy unacceptable. As a former businessman, Williams was trained to produce quantifiable results. In contrast, his training as a counsellor emphasised the ‘process’ itself, with little attention being paid to achieving results. This widening schism forced him to look outside his university training for more results-orientated approaches. So he went in search of what he calls ‘the easiest, sanest, most effective and painless way to change behaviours’.

Rob Williams influenced Chapter 5 of My Story, and provided me with the tools to reprogram my subconscious beliefs.



Dissatisfied with the results of conventional ‘talk therapy’, Rob Williams began investigating a myriad of alternative therapies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, Educational Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Reiki, and a range of contemporary and ancient healing techniques. He read books, attended numerous lectures and workshops, and listened to ‘the best and the worst’ of the self-help gurus.

He developed an understanding that some beliefs can be changed at the level of the conscious mind by simply becoming aware of new indisputable information and then acting on it. However, his experience showed that many beliefs and perceptions (usually held at the subconscious level of the mind) are impervious to facts, reason, willpower or motivation.

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As a professional counselor, Williams had been trained to change beliefs using ‘conscious’ means. However, his research taught him that the subconscious mind was the part of the mind that was responsible for at least 95% of our thoughts and behaviors. So, the real power to create long lasting change was not going to happen very often by trying to change the conscious mind’s beliefs.

According to Williams, it is necessary to access the subconscious mind if you hope to make positive changes. He is convinced that the conscious and subconscious minds are very different, and that they don’t learn in the same way. This is the main reason, he says, that conventional attempts to change negative thought patterns and behaviours often fail.

The belief-change modality developed by Williams, called PSYCH-K, arrived in a series of ‘intuitive flashes of insight’ based on the years of his own experience and research. He was skeptical at first, as this new method seemed to break every rule he’d been taught about counselling. It violated the assumptions of mainstream psychology that had prevailed for more than fifty years. But he was also intrigued and determined to get results for his clients.

He began experimenting with the PSYCH-K process using himself and willing friends as test subjects. The results were often dramatic and life changing. He found that subconscious beliefs could shift in some cases as quickly as 2 – 5 minutes, per belief.  He found that changes that normally took months or even years to achieve with traditional methods were happening in just 1 – 3 sessions using PSYCH-K.

Eventually skepticism yielded to experience and evidence.  He began to use the processes with his mainstream clients and the successes continued.  Eventually he arranged the information into a workshop format and began teaching it to others. He found that people of all ages and walks of life were easily able to learn and use the process.

Research shows that PSYCH-K works by creating a receptive ‘Whole-Brain State’ that makes the subconscious mind (which is normally difficult to access and difficult to ‘reprogram’) more responsive to change. When coupled with techniques to effectively communicate with the subconscious in a language that it understands, new positive beliefs and personal goals can be seeded directly into the subconscious mind. A bit like installing new software onto a computer.

One very important feature of the PSYCH-K process is that it includes steps to check in with the superconscious mind (aka Spirit or Higher-Self) to see if it’s a good idea to change a belief. Many self-help techniques, Williams says, simply assume it is a good idea to ‘fix’ a problem without first considering the possibility that the ‘problem’ may be cleverly disguised as a message from your Higher-Self to learn an important life lesson. Williams believes it is very important to avoid ‘killing the messenger for receiving the message.’ This is a vital step that he emphasises in all the PSYCH-K change processes.

I have undertaken the two day PSYCH-K Basic Workshop myself, and it underpins many of the positive changes that have occurred for me and the way I now experience life.

It is a very practical method that is not easily served by writing a description. It’s best experienced in person with a PSYCH-K Facilitator.

What I valued most about Williams’ process is its efficiency. The Workshop gave me the techniques to reprogram my own beliefs, and facilitate others in changing their beliefs. I did not have to rely on any other third party to continue the process once I had learned it.

To learn more about PSYCH-K and it’s founder Rob Williams I recommend watching the following video.


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