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I first came across Gregg Braden’s work back in 2004 when a friend recommended his book, The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy

His book delved into all the themes I find fascinating: mysterious ancient cultures, insights into sacred texts and wisdom, stories of remarkable healings, prophecies and messages of hope.

I vividly recall that The Isaiah Effect introduced me to the idea that the activating force of prayer is the ‘feelings’ evoked during prayer, rather than the ‘words’ of the prayer itself. This concept explained to me why my prayers as a small child (before I lost faith in prayer) and my practice of saying affirmations were not working.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to meet Gregg Braden in person. I travelled to the Yucatan Peninsula for a tour that he was leading to mark the ending of the Mayan Calendar. I, along with a group of approximately forty-five people from around the world, spent three weeks with Gregg attending his daily lectures and trekking with him through the Mayan ruins.

This journey was a real turning point in my life. Through his lectures, wisdom and knowledge, I discovered many things about myself and humanity’s collective history. But the true gift Gregg Braden gave me through his teachings was the ability to connect with my heart. It was the simple, yet highly effective techniques he taught me that helped me to bypass my logical, fear-filled mind. This gave me a means to understand how I really felt about any given situation.

In 2014, I traveled to Peru with Gregg.  The tour marked his 20th anniversary of taking small, intimate groups into Peru. This was another meaningful journey which gave me a deeper understanding of not only who I am but of ‘who we are’, the time we are living in now and the changes that are occurring on the planet.

In 2015, I signed up for a tour that Gregg was leading through Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. I found intriguing parallels between the sites I’d visited in Peru and those of Chaco Canyon (parallels such as style of architecture, quality of the stonework and celestially aligned buildings).  Experiencing these vast and sacred sites with Gregg has further fuelled my desire to understand the mysteries surrounding the truth about our origins.

Gregg Braden has become a dear and close personal friend. I look forward to experiencing more adventures together in the future. I hope to return to Mexico, Peru and the lands of the Native Americans with him and to participate in any tours he is leading to sacred locations such as Egypt, Tibet, Israel and even Antartica.

In addition to Gregg’s tours, I have also read and listened to his books, watched numerous lectures available on YouTube and attended several of his live events. Gregg Braden and his work have been a catalyst for my personal transformation.

His work has influenced Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 of My Story.



In my search to discover what was missing from my life there was one pertinent question that kept arising.

According to Gregg Braden, the way we answer this question informs the perceptual lens through which we see ourselves, other people and the rest of the world.

This one question, he says, holds the key to our thinking.  In fact, Gregg believes that our answer to this question forms the basis for every decision and choice we make in our lifetime, and is at the heart of every challenge we will ever have.

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Gregg states that although the question may appear to be deceptively simple, every human that has ever walked upon the face of the Earth has consciously or subconsciously asked this very question – ‘Who am I?

He says it influences every intimate relationship that you have ever said yes to, every career choice you have made, how you treat your body and even the healthcare choices you make.

Asking myself, ‘Who am I?’ made me contemplate what was most meaningful to me.  That one question was the catalyst to others.  What do I value the most?  What activities do I enjoy the most?  What inspires and excites me? What do I long for?  Am I being true to myself?  Do I honour myself and my needs?  Do I express myself fully in relationships with others?  Am I hiding part of myself in order to fit in?

I wondered if I could be free to be myself in every situation.  If I couldn’t, why not?

Fortunately, Gregg’s work allowed me to find answers to many of my questions and helped me delve further into a even bigger question – ‘Who are we?




Spiritually speaking, I was familiar with the notion that everything is energy and we are all connected.  However, it was Gregg Braden who informed me that Science has now acknowledged and documented the existence of a field of energy that connects everything in our world to everything else.  We, and all matter, are part of that field.

This energy, he says, has been referred to as: the ether, the great net, nature’s mind, the quantum hologram, mind of the universe, matrix of all matter and the mind of God.  Gregg has coined this energy the Divine Matrix.

This energy field, theorises Gregg, is intelligent and responds to the human heart.  The heart, he says, is now documented as the strongest generator of electrical and magnetic fields in the body.  Up until recently, we have been led to believe that the brain is where the action is.  However, the brain’s measured electrical and magnetic fields are weak in comparison to the heart.  Gregg states that the heart is up to 100 times stronger electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.  He says, whenever we are moved emotionally by something, the field responds and this is demonstrated in our outer world.

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The two strongest emotional forces influencing these fields are love – and its opposite – fear.  Depending on the spectrum and intensity of the emotion, we either experience uplifting feelings such as joy and exhilaration or darker feelings such as sadness, rage, and anger.  Gregg suggests that the feelings you hold in your heart influence the energy field and subsequently the nature of what manifests in your outer life.

We are constantly communicating with this field, he says.  Every moment of our waking and sleeping lives, we continuously think, feel and emote.  Whatever we sense, perceive and express, contributes to an outcome in our reality.  As a result of Gregg’s work, I started to see the world around me as if it were a mirror, reflecting back to me what I think, how I feel and what I believe.

Gregg believes that we live in a participatory universe.  By shifting our perception, he explains, we can influence this field.  He says, what happens inside the human body (the emotions we create) has power to change our experience of life and the events playing out in the world.  The good news?  Our current reality is not necessarily an indication of our destiny.

Gregg uses quantum theory to explain the idea that there are many possible outcomes for any given moment in time.  It is the consciousness of the observer, he says, that determines how energy will behave.  In other words, the choices that we make as individuals determine which ‘quantum possibility’ we experience in our personal life.  If we can imagine it, he says, then it’s a possibility and we have the power to create it and make it real.

The key to activating one of the many possibilities in the ‘soup of creation’, he instructs, is dependent on our ability to imagine and feel as if the outcome has already occurred.  To feel as if our vision has already come to life.  To feel as if our desires have already been fulfilled.  To feel as if our prayers have already been answered.

Our success is assured, if we can generate the quality of thought and emotions that produce such a feeling.

In order to develop the ability to generate such feelings on demand, Gregg invites us to take three actions – emotional self-management; alignment of our inner and outer worlds; and disengagement from our current reality.

Emotional self-management involves creating a connection between the brain and the heart and then intentionally activating and flooding the body with restorative feelings such as compassion, gratitude, appreciation and kindness.  This state of being is known as heart-brain coherence.  The process is described in more detail in the section below titled Chapter 5 – Reprogramming my Subconscious Mind.  Gregg recommends using this technique particularly in stressful situations to help bring our emotions back to a more balanced state.

Alignment of our inner and outer worlds is the congruence of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and actions with the vision we have for our life in order to become the type of person we aspire to be.  Gregg explains that if these aspects of ourselves are out of alignment with one another, then our energy is scattered and ineffective.  In other words, we can’t manifest what we desire.

Disengaging from our current reality requires detaching from or letting go of the stories that constantly play out in our minds and our outer world.  For example, ‘I will never make a living out of doing what I love.’  Instead, Gregg encourages us to redirect our focus inwards and put our attention on alternative possibilities, such as, ’Abundance flows to me because I love what I do.’  This action, he explains, brings a new course of events into focus and releases those that no longer serve us.




I was beginning to comprehend the impact that my beliefs, conscious and subconscious, were having on my day-to-day life.  It made sense to me then, that if I changed my perception of life, my day-to-day reality would change.

The challenge, according to Gregg Braden, is to be able to change your perceptions when you are in the thick of a life dominated by anxiety, fear, negative self-talk and doubts.  The key to creating a new way of way thinking, says Gregg, is to learn the hardest of human lessons – to love yourself.  It is far easier, he says, to love something or someone else; to care for, to nurture, to give to someone else, than it is to love ourselves.

In order to begin to love myself, Gregg encouraged me to love the force within me.  The power within me.  By doing so, he said, something within my body would ‘shift’ and my outer world would begin to change.

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Loving myself had always felt egotistical to me.  Putting myself first made me feel selfish.  But I learned to think of this love for myself in a new way; as self care.  I found it easier to make choices based on what was best for my well being.  When I did so, I felt like I was activating a softer and more loving energy and life began to respond to me in a new way.  For the first time, I truly began to love myself.




It was clear to me that anxiety, fear, negative self-talk and doubts were driving my experience of life. However, no matter how hard I tried, I found it impossible to switch off my mind and thought patterns to let any real change take place.  These habits were too ingrained.

Desperate, I tried a combination of tools developed by the HeartMath Institute that Gregg Braden recommends, to help me begin to disengage from my currently reality and the stories playing out in my head.  The tools include a technique called ‘Heart Lock-In’ and an App titled, Inner Balance.

These tools, Gregg says, are currently being used by emergency response teams, such as the police force, paramedics and military to monitor their stress levels.  The results include, a reduction in stress levels, a decrease in depression and better relationships with family and work colleagues.  Clinical psychologists and mental health practitioners have also found these tools very effective in shortening the treatment time when working with people suffering from trauma, abuse and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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The ‘Heart Lock-In’ technique is a two-step process.  The first step involves creating a connection between the brain and the heart by focusing your attention in the area of your heart as you slowly breath in and out.  Gregg says the easiest way to connect with your heart is to gently put your fingers or hand over your heart area.

The second step involves intentionally activating and flooding the body with restorative feelings, such as compassion, gratitude, appreciation and kindness.  For those who find it difficult to recall such feelings, Gregg suggests thinking about what it would feel like to hold a baby puppy, kitten or bunny in your arms.

The Inner Balance App digitally measures heart-rate variability (the pattern of your heart-rhythm), and gives a visual display of the level of synchronisation between the heart and brain.  This is known as heart-brain coherence.

I found the Inner Balance App immensely useful as it acts like a coach when performing the Heart Lock-In technique by providing instructions and auditory signals to help achieve and maintain heart-brain coherence.

My experience of reaching coherence was a sense of inner calm and peace.  Gregg says, it is when we are in this state we create a ‘hot-line’ to the subconscious and what we think about and affirm can have a very profound affect on our lives.

I found that the more I used these tools, the more I could recall these restorative feelings at will.  It was particularly useful in situations that I found stressful as it helped me bring my emotions back to a more balanced state.  This allowed me to respond in new and more empowered ways rather than becoming defensive and reacting out of fear as I’d done in the past.

These two tools re-calibrated the way I operated in the world.  They allowed me to cut through life’s static, my doubts and negative self-talk and tap into the wisdom of my heart so that I could make choices from that place.

They also helped me to strengthen and to reinforce patterns of behaviour, thinking and decision making based on what was best for my well-being.  This enabled me to recognise the activities that I love in which I naturally experience heart-brain coherence so I could make more room for them in my everyday life.

The result?  I began to feel consistently good about myself.  People began to treat me with respect.  As my confidence grew, I became more comfortable with sharing aspects of myself that I’d previously kept hidden including my tastes, opinions and hobbies.  Doors that were previously closed (or didn’t exist at all) began to open and allowed me to begin fully expressing my gifts and talents.  This made me feel like I could actually make a difference in the world and contribute to the greater good of humanity.




After studying Gregg Braden’s material, I understood the importance of summoning the feelings and sensations in my body as if I had already achieved my desired outcome.  Rather than getting bogged down in trying to create my reality and getting stressed about the how, all I needed to do was shift my focus to the end point – the feeling of achievement and celebration.

He says working towards something means embarking upon an open-ended and never-ending journey.

Gregg’s teachings explain the subtle but powerful difference between working towards a result versus thinking and feeling from that result.  For instance, my obsession with identifying milestones and setting goals to accomplish my vision didn’t get me any closer to achieving my goals.  Instead, I was creating a mindset of always being ‘on my way to the goal.’

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Gregg invited me to imagine my desires and think from a place of already having achieved them.  He encouraged me to make my future dreams a present fact in my inner world.

What is important, he says, is the quality of feelings we harbour in our bodies.  He encouraged me to find peace in my body because tension is what stands in the way between us and our dreams being realised or miracles occurring.

I’ve discovered that when I’m feeling stuck or stressed out about something in particular, if I participate in activities that I love and become completely absorbed in them, the tension dissipates and my body relaxes.   Something shifts, then situations and circumstances that I never could have orchestrated miraculously present themselves.


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