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I was describing my dream of building a wellbeing retreat centre to a friend I’d recently met while on a tour with Gregg Braden. The vision I have is ambitious to say the least and my friend thought it would be a helpful if I were to use a visualisation tool to refine, communicate and manifest my life’s calling. Hence, she introduced me to Mind Moviesthe on-line digital ‘vision board’ software developed by fellow Aussies, Glen and Natalie Ledwell.

The technology sounded interesting but I got caught up on other things and I didn’t investigate it at the time.

As life would have it, a few months later I received an e-mail from Dr. Joe Dispenza highlighting Mind Movies as the powerful tool he and his team use to help create the life they desire.

Dr. Joe’s message contained a link to the story of how the Mind Movies founders first came up with the idea of creating a movie that represented the life they wished to live and the benefits they gained from doing so. It also described how they went on to create the on-line software to allow others to benefit from this technology.

Their story was presented in a series of three videos. They included interviews with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bob Proctor, and Dr. Joe Vitale – all of whom are considered experts on the Law of Attraction, all three praising the software.

After watching the video series, I was eager to purchase the Mind Movies software and as fate would have it, I’d just enrolled in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Workshop. Making a mind movie was a prerequisite to attending his workshop and a lifelong membership to Mind Movies was part of the workshop package.

Even better, I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Ledwell at the workshop. Her Mind Movies presentation during the event was dynamic and inspirational. It provided me with several pointers on how to make my mind movie even more powerful.

I have found Mind Movies to be an invaluable tool for helping make my vision more tangible, more real. I describe my vision in Chapter 2 of My Story.



The life I desired to live was ambitious. I needed tools to help me get there.

Creating a personalised mind movie was a prerequisite to attending Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Workshop. This was my opportunity to experiment with the powerful visualisation software.

Dr. Joe and his team have found that incorporating Mind Movies into his workshops allows participants tap into the quantum field to create a new future. In fact, many of his advanced students have reported miraculous and unexpected events occurring in their lives as a direct result of an intention they placed inside their movie.

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At the Advanced Workshop I attended, Natalie Ledwell, Co-Founder of Mind Movies, was a fellow participant. During the workshop, Dr. Joe invited Natalie to give a short presentation on how to use the Mind Movies software. She presented personal movies she’d created for various aspects of her own life, including movies for losing weight, creating abundance, loving relationships and goals for the year ahead.

Even though they weren’t movies I’d personally created, I felt very moved and inspired by them and instantly recognised the potential power of the software.

Although Natalie believes that watching your mind movie helps you to easily visualise the future you want to create, she finds that the action of making your movie to be the most powerful part of the process. She says taking the time to consider what you want to create then choosing inspiring images that symbolise your desires and combining them with positive affirmations and motivating music sends a powerful intention out into the universe.

She believes the music you choose is extremely important because the right music can amplify the emotion you feel when watching your movie. Natalie says the power lies in the emotion of feeling like you are already living your dreams as your reality. This acts like a magnet drawing what you desire to your life.

The more you watch your movie and visualise the reality you wish to create, she says, the more you change the neural pathways in your brain and build the belief that it is possible. By doing so, your thoughts begin to align with the new future you are creating.

Natalie attributes the success that people have with Mind Movies to it being a fun, simple and fast way to build their visualisation.  As a result, they are more inclined to use it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza believes that once you can visually recall the details of your mind movie whenever you hear the music that forms part of your movie, it means that you have made enough neural connections for your desires to manifest. This event is a sure sign that what you want is already on it’s way to you.

Natalie Ledwell recommends that your mind movie is a duration of three minutes at the most. In her experience, making a short movie and playing it more often is far more powerful. The shorter the movie, the more rapid the changes in neural pathways. In turn, your desires will manifest more rapidly.

I’d already put everything I wanted to manifest into my first mind movie and it was more than 11 minutes long. I was very proud of the end result. My face split into a wide grin every time I played it and it made me want to bust out dancing.

I do agree with Natalie’s theory, however, I couldn’t bring myself to edit my movie. To me, it told the complete story of the life I desired and for me, editing it would have felt like something important was missing. I wanted it all.

I’ll admit, some of the intentions and desires I incorporated into my mind movie are yet to come to fruition. However, I do see flashes from my mind movie frequently. Whenever I hear the music, I feel instantly uplifted. Watching my mind movie still makes me smile and want to dance.


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