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One of the joys of living my purpose is coming across others who are living theirs. Salvatore Battaglia, founder of the iconic Australian brand Perfect Potion is one such individual. Perfect Potion creates organic skincare and aromatherapy products, distributed nationally and internationally. And their Headquarters just happens to be in Brisbane.

You can imagine my delight when Sal invited me to attend and speak at his Aromatherapy and Chakras Masterclass in August at Perfect Potion Headquarters. I was a tad nervous with 50-odd attentive pairs of eyes looking back at me, while another 250 plus people from across the globe joined via Zoom. 

Following Sal’s first presentation, I briefly talked about living my purpose and my first workbook. Later I discussed using the Bio-Well GDV Camera for Energy Assessments. This amazing camera measures the human energy field and chakra alignment using bio-photonics technology and has become an important part of my practice. These topics complement Sal’s work as he shared his version of why living your purpose is important and how he found his, and spoke about his experience with bio-photonics, essential oils and chakras.

From the feedback received, Sal is organising a webinar later this year in which we will take a deeper dive.  Now I know which essential oils calm my nerves when public speaking – cue the excited grin.  Keep an eye on the Events Tab for details or subscribe to hear what Sal and I are concocting.

This casual aromatherapy user is now eager to document the influence of essentials oils on the psycho-emotional state.  The nerdy scientist, ex-radiographer in me is excited about what the scans will reveal.  Having quantitive data to track your improvement gives you tangible proof that a healing modality works.

With love,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell

Brisbane, Australia

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