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Take effective action

Clearly, manifesting your ultimate life is not all about mental rehearsal. It is going to require action, and a specific type of action. It’s about making sure your subconscious programming aligns with what you consciously wish to create, rather than forcing things to happen. As mentioned earlier, it is your subconscious mind that does your bidding.

Your job is to take the action needed to complete all the activities in this workbook and adhere to the mental rehearsal and role-play schedule I prescribe. You will also need to make physical changes to ensure that you are living in congruence with your vision and who you aspire to be. This will be covered in Workbooks #3 and #4.

If you follow through on my action steps, you will change the course of your destiny.

If you don’t, you can expect more of the same.

It’s that simple.

The content above is an extract from my second workbook, Imagineer Your Ultimate Future.

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