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While I’ve been waiting for the print version of Find You Purpose, Change Your Life to be published, I’ve been writing and editing the second workbook in the Build A Life You Love series. It focuses on building a vision for your life and covers the following topics:

  • why it’s important to create an inspiring vision for your life that reflects your life purpose and expresses who you really are
  • the role thoughts and emotions play in manifesting your dreams
  • how to create a clear and exciting vision that feels tangible and real
  • how to activate your vision and change your brain neurologically to match your desired new life.

As I was curating the activities for this workbook, it was a great opportunity for me to revisit the material.

Activity one involves answering a series of questions to help to evoke a clear picture of your ideal day.  When compiling the questions for this activity, I mentally revisited my vision in great detail. This was thoroughly enjoyable.  By reliving it again in my mind I could see, smell and taste the different elements. This caused a reawakening and reenergising of my vision.

The result?  I was unexpectedly presented with the opportunity and resources to travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico with Gregg Braden and the Gathering Light Journeys team to explore the Mayan ruins.  Journeying to sacred sites with like minded people is one of my passions and forms an essential part of my life vision.

Kylie Attwell on Tour With Gregg Braden and Gathering Light Journeys in Yucatan, Peninsula 2020 - A Guide for Life

Kylie Attwell on Tour With Gregg Braden and the Gathering Light Journeys Team

Prior to compiling this activity, the journey was not on my radar or a feasible consideration at the time, and the opportunity was a complete surprise. It was further evidence to me that doing this envisaging work pays off in wonderful and unexpected ways, and can happen quite quickly.

I want the same for you. Not necessarily travelling to Mayan ruins, but to get clarity on what you want for your life. The term 2020 vision is commonly used to describe perfect vision, and by using Workbook Two, I’ll be inviting you to start building a vision for your ideal day. By creating your perfect vision you can experience a new normal.

To be informed of its release e-mail me with the subject line: ‘Workbook Two’.

With love,

Kylie Xo


Kylie Attwell

Chiapas, Mexico

Photo by Hailey Bartholomew

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