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By embracing the four-pronged approach of consciously working with my thoughts, beliefs, actions and feelings to reprogram my subconscious mind was life-changing.  I began to see beauty everywhere. Something within me changed at a very deep level and it had nothing to do with my external environment (as there had been no change in my physical surroundings or personal circumstances). But the inner sense of deep peace and contentment was long-lasting.

This profound inner shift allowed me to understand that reprogramming the subconscious mind is the key to overcoming fears, doubts, insecurities, feelings of guilt, negative self-talk, and self-limiting behaviour that is holding us back from living a life that is a true and full expression of ourselves.  As a result reprogramming my subconscious mind has become my highest priority.

I’m constantly researching and trialling belief change processes to discover the most efficient and effective methods for reprogramming the subconscious mind.  In fact, I’m working currently with Kinesiologist here in Brisbane who is helping me process some core self-limiting beliefs that are very old and have been wrecking havoc in my life.  Over the coming weeks and months I’ll provide you with the outcome.  So stay tuned.

With love,

Kylie xo


Kylie Attwell
Brisbane, Australia


Photo by Marvix Fox

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