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Thoughts are formative

Everything starts with intention. Every human creation or invention is preceded by an idea, a mental picture or a fully formed vision. In other words, you need a clear mental image of what you want to create for it to take form.

Elite athletes, high achievers, visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and even celebrities have been consciously creating their future for decades. Olympic and professional athletes meticulously and repeatedly rehearse the actions and emotions of making the perfect shot or winning the race in their mind. In other words, they mentally celebrate their moment of victory as if it were real.

Science has only recently demonstrated the effectiveness of this practice, with the development of sophisticated brain imaging technology. Studies reveal that identical parts of the brain ‘light up’ regardless of whether an action is practised mentally or physically. This suggests that the brain doesn’t know the difference between a real and an imagined event.

In fact, research also shows that ‘thought’ alone can create new neural pathways and actual physical changes in the body. As impossible as this sounds, subjects who simply imagined themselves flexing muscles and lifting weights showed comparable increases in muscle mass and physical strength to those who performed the action. (To read more on the studies, refer to Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind by Dr Joe Dispenza.)

If we can change our bodies without moving a muscle, what else are we capable of manifesting simply by using our mind and imagination?

Taming your thoughts

It is believed that the average human has thousands of thoughts every day. Even more significantly, the majority are negative and exactly the same as the day before. It’s no wonder then that we find change so difficult without the right tools.

After discovering the power of the human mind and learning that the brain can be harnessed to attain desired outcomes, I realised that personal transformation lies in overcoming habitual, negative thinking patterns. One method for achieving this is through consciously recognising negative or limiting thoughts and trying to change them. Although this method is still valid (and discussed further in Workbook #5), I came across a much simpler and even more effective way to positively influence thoughts.

By holding my focus on what I wished to manifest, create, experience, develop or produce, I learnt to interrupt my automated ways of thinking and habit of spiralling into negative patterns. Similarly, this workbook teaches you how to easily take command of your thoughts (and your future) in a fun, positive and transformative way.

The content above is an extract from my second workbook, Imagineer Your Ultimate Future.

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